Monday, August 30, 2010


As we wait for season 22 to roll around I thought I would talk a little about the season opener as more information comes out. Today I would like to discuss the promotional poster for it
Riveting, aint it? Even though the older episodes don't really have any promotional posters (Or ones I can find easily) this is just further proof that the writers don't give a damn. I mean, it's just their two guest stars standing in front of a brown-yellowish background doing nothing. I have seen plain sandwiches that aren't as bland as this. This is just so uninspired and lazy, it tells us nothing about the story or what these guys will be doing in the episode. This is the type of poster that is given out when studio executives don't give a damn. Oh yeah and the title of said episode is "Elementary School Musical". I honesty thought that would be the most uninspired thing dealing with this episode as that is just a blatant rip-off of a South Park episode title, and judging by the early plot synopsis the episode as a whole. I will try to remain as neutral as possible when it comes to this episode airing, but the writers have made it really hard for me to believe they even give a rat's ass anymore about this show. I believe season 22 will take a slide down and season 23 will be the final season and will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of fans when it's all said and done. Just 27 more days people, Kriken out.

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