Monday, August 9, 2010

Episode 9: Thursdays with Abie

Our high streak for this season unfortunately comes to an end with this episode. It's a real shame because now I actually have to earn the dignity of being a reviewer by explaining why most of the second half of the season sucks. But I enjoyed this little ride while I could, and as it's known, all good things must come to an end. Let's begin our review.

We start this episode with the Simpsons going to a water park as Grampa keeps complaining so he's left behind for the aquatic show (There's quite a bit of padding but I'm not getting into it). The family then watches their cheap imitation Sea World show of "Slimu the octopus" *weak laugh*. The show is nothing special outside of another Obama joke (God I really hate these jokes and they only get worse as the series continues). A young reporter sits next to Grampa, interested in listening to his story. Grampa tells the reporter about how during WWII his ship sunk and his crew tamed some sharks so they could live ( the story of the USS Indianapolis, I thought this sounded familiar).
After that uncomfortable realization, we cut to our subplot of Bart being assigned to spend the weekend with the class stuffed animal "Larry the Lamb" (I actually like this because I remember this back in elementary school with a stuffed bear). Bart doesn't want to look after Larry and Nelson acts as if Larry is his own son and tells Bart to love Larry. While Homer is cooking bacon, Flanders informs Homer of Grampa's story to which Homer claims that everything is backwards because his father is interesting ("That must mean Cathy is funny! ...nope" I loved that joke, pure funny). Act two begins with Marshall Goldman *The reporter* getting more stories out of Grampa including a story about Grampa giving Clark Gable "Gone With the Wind" before he became famous. After Lisa reads the article, Homer wonders why Grampa never told him (While Bart is cooking Larry in the background *snicker*) as Marge says he does and Homer just ignores him
I'M! A! BUDDHIST!!!! *Kicks*
As Bart continues to torture Larry, Lisa finally intervenes and takes Larry away from Bart so she can take care of him. Lisa gets even angrier when Bart says she doesn't care when he tortures real animals and she goes "King Leonitus" when he calls her a Hindu. Lisa then loses Larry after losing control of the stroller he's in and Larry falls into the sewers (Great now even the Simpsons have a sewer level). We cut back to the Retirement Castle as Grampa is telling Marshall a new story and Mitch Albom appears to get a story from Grampa as well (The irony is pretty funny because the title of this episode is based on his book which he states as he comes in). Grampa tells Mitch to beat it and the other people in the room very slowly approach him just to boot him out. Homer tries to reconcile but fails since Grampa considers Marshall his new son now.
I'm your worst nightmare
As Bart and Lisa leave to go to school, Lisa tries to pass off glued cotton balls and toilet paper rolls as Larry. Bart gets upset as he explains that everyone in his class will kill him *especially Nelson* if he doesn't bring Larry back. Homer tries once again to reconcile but Grampa blocks him out as Homer claims that Grampa can't still be mad at him as he proves it by loving his reflection (Narcissist). Homer tries to find someone else to be his new father but gets run out of Burn's Mansion by a dog. Bart and Lisa decide to skip school so that they can rescue Larry. Bart grabs the gym rope so he can get into the sewer and find Larry, Lisa drops him by accident and Bart gets stuck in the sewer.
If I take a left I'll meet up with Raph and Mikey. Right will take me to Leo and Don. Hrm...
Back to Homer, we see him trying to get a story published to get revenge but he finds out that Marshall plans on killing Grampa so that he can win a Pulitzer prize for writing an article about him (Sure why not?). As Grampa and Marshall get on the train, Homer tries to warn Grampa but is unsuccessful in doing so. Back to Bart, as Bart is being chased by sewer rats; he encounters sewer cats and then finds Larry. He escapes using Larry on the pipe. However seeing as how he's made of cheap fibers, Larry tears in half and Bart is saddened by this (And he says rest of the weekend, when does this all take place? Grampa's on the train on a Monday and Bart and Lisa appear ready to go to school so what's going on? ~Let's do the Time Warp Again~). Marshall tries to kill Grampa but Homer breaks in (somehow catching up to the train and getting on top) and beats the snot out of Marshall.
Hatbox Power!
It's no use though as he's too tough to take down until Grampa stops the train and he gets buried under hat boxes. That's right: hat boxes are what beat him *drinks whiskey*. Grampa forgives Homer as he sees Clark Gable's ghost give him a ghost quarter for the shoe shine and the episode ends with Grampa telling the family what happened followed by Homer rambling on like Grampa.

Final Judgment: This episode is pretty good. It's not spectacular but both the main and subplots deliver just like they should. I don't think that the shark story was meant to (or did) insult anyone, but considering that there was a great tragedy in WWII involving sharks, I can't help but feel a little uncomfortable laughing at that joke.

Final Grade: 6.8/10 For modern standards, it's okay

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