Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Episode 1: Homer the Whopper

After a disappointing ending for season 20 I gotta admit, I had low expectations for this season really expecting this to be its last season. My hopes were not raised after finding out that Seth Rogen would be guest starring and partially writing this episode. After watching this, it really exceeded my expectations, but it is still just an above average episode that isn't too special. Let's begin our review into this new season.

We begin this episode with Bart and Milhouse mocking Comic Book Guy, causing him to go to his backroom to get away from them. Bart and Milhouse then find a comic book created by CBG called "Everyman" who's main power is to grab a comic book and take the powers of whatever the superhero of that comic has (The identity of "Avery Mann" is about as subtle as Peter Parker changing his name to "Arachnid web-slinger"). The comic itself isn't really worth mentioning, but after CBG gets praise for it, he decides to start selling "Everyman" comics and they become a hit (I wonder how Linkara would feel bout that?).
Before "Kick-Ass" infested our minds we had "Everyman"
The comic becomes so popular that movie rights are almost immediately bought by Ginormous Pictures (And yet comics like Blue Beetle, Aquaman, and Booster Gold are still not movies. Here's to Deadpool and Green Lantern becoming good movies next summer). CBG sells the rights to the movie only if he can pick who plays Everyman (small request, I would have wanted to direct it or had something to do with the script). After several failures for auditions, Homer comes in and CBG picks him as Everyman, leading into the main plot: Homer is now a movie star *cough*.
I don't know, I wouldn't want this guy doing my plumbing much less save me from evil
Homer tells his family about getting the role, and the Hollywood executives tell Homer that he needs to lose weight so that their movie can sell better (But I'm pretty sure the "Stared at the sun" comment was the fan reaction to season 20'd DVD). We are then introduced to Lyle McCarthy *Seth Rogen* who will be Homer's trainer while uttering some of the most unfunny dialogue known to man (It's not bad; it's just not funny). CBG goes Hollywood, since the writer felt they needed to show us in a pointless scene just to help pad out the length of this episode. Because Lyle doesn't know how to call Mr. Montage, we just skip a month that shows Homer in much better shape.
Yeah, you guys have room to talk, where's THE apology for "G.I. D'oh" and "Lisa the Drama Queen"?
During the shooting of the movie, we see the writers of last season working on the movie (These jokes just lend themselves to me so easily). One pointless bedroom scene later we see Mr. Lyle leave Homer to take on another client as Homer begins eating like a gluttonous fat man. We then start to see months of weight loss go down the drain as Homer begins to put on weight and ruins his scenes. We then see Homer in the bedroom and we realize that somehow he's even bigger than his normal 239 weight (I can assume considering how big he looks here and in future scenes).
Say I'm starting to see the inspiration for season 20
After Homer has some expired milk to lose weight *completely pointless* we see Homer's getting bigger as CBG gets disgruntled about this and is thrown away with other old studio heads. At the test screening we see how lazy the staff was: the editing in this movie makes "Alone in the Dark" *shooting scenes in particular* look like Avatar (Visually of course). I find this joke ironic because this season has a lot of editing mistakes which I will address in my final review. As everyone is pissed off with the movie, Homer blames Lyle, Lyle comforts him, the studio executives try to bribe CBG into giving it a good review which he basically says no and our episode ends with Homer on top of a mountain being cold.

Final Judgment: This episode wasn't strong but it laid the foundation for an adequate season. If only the rest of the season could have been this way. I'm not a Seth Rogen fan, but honestly his lines were not funny at all; they ranged from stupid to dull with no traces of funny to be found. Any hopes were dashed away with next week's episode, prompting a full-fit rage.

Final Grade: 5.3/10 nothing special but it's not bad either.

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