Friday, August 6, 2010

Episode 5: The Devil Wears Nada

To me, Marge Simpson is a typical 50's mother: a woman who has good moral values when it comes to families and probably would berate a kid for wearing their pants too low. Then Marge appeared on on the Playboy cover and a part of my childhood died. Now I can't really bash this because I know that not everyone feels this way, but this has to rank in my top 5 things that I never wanted to see associated with the Simpsons. Now onto the review.

We begin the episode with Homer's supervisor retiring which then leads Mr. Burns to hire Carl as the new supervisor after he is able to screw a lightbulb in *insert lightbulb gag here*. Marge then partakes in a rather pointless plot *will explain later* about her group trying to raise money. I did like the bake sale gag as it made me laugh at just the sight of Bart and his friends eating cakes. However, the rest of this plot is just to further remind us that Marge was in Playboy as well as the chalkboard gag. We cut to Marge and the "Charity Chicks" doing their photo shoot with perhaps the second most annoying character in the history of this show (Seriously who keeps lobbying to bring back this Latino guy for more episodes, he's just flat out annoying in every one.)
Golf hasn't been this interesting since the Tiger Woods controversy
*Hey look a reference to Tiger Woods before the scandal* After cutting to a pointless conversation of Homer and Carl we see Marge's calendars with photos I'm pretty sure she didn't authorize (which in real life would get the photographer and publisher arrested but what do I know?)(Yeah, that's grounds for a good lawsuit).
Who knew alcohol could do that to you?
Act 2 begins with Homer being promoted to Carl's assistant since apparently extortion is not a crime in Springfield. We then end the whole calendar plot with Marge being accepting of everyone just leering her after she hears praise from the church. Now this is where the calendar sub-plot proves to be pointless, I know somebody's going to say: "But it made Marge horny and fueled the fire for the main plot of Marge and Homer not being able to be together" and to that I say - Bullshit! If you take a look at Grampa Vs. Sexual Inadequacy, Marge and Homer couldn't be intimate before even though Marge wanted to, and it didn't require buildup. Here, it's just delayed so much by the padding that it just makes me angry at the episode.
Enough said
We then get to see our main plot as Homer is too involved in his work to be intimate with Marge (Yeah Homer actually cares about work...BULLSHIT!!!) Oh wait, I lied, apparently the writer were about a minute short for this episode and decided to throw the calendar back in just to enrage Bart *and the viewers who are asking for plot*. While Homer goes with Marge to a romantic weekend, Carl ruins it by calling Homer back for an expo in Paris. When Homer heads off in his cab, Marge hits Flanders with a mallet by mistake and so our plot for the rest of the episode kicks in (because as we all know, Marge does actually have the hots for Flanders). After Homer and Carl land in Paris, Carl decides he wants to stay longer and that causes Homer to miss Marge by hallucinating her as everything in Paris *save the gargoyle*
OMG the false tension is just leaping off the screen
When Ned goes over for dinner, Bart and Lisa decide to leave and Rod and Todd were grounded so it's just Marge and Ned *OMG TENSION!!!!*. Ned and Marge have a near moment but it's interrupted by a plot device - um, bell. Yeah, just a bell that wasn't conveniently timed at all. Homer then decides to go home after he is able to blackmail Carl, and Homer goes home to Marge and they finally get intimate.

Final Judgment: This episode was pretty stupid as it was just an excuse to say to America "Hey we're in Playboy, suck on it". With all we know about Marge and Homer, there is no true tension of either leaving the other and it just seemed like an old plot reused.

Final Grade: 3.2/10 It's not really worth watching the first time so why watch it again?

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