Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Episode 10: Once Upon a Time in Springfield

Even though our streak ended last week, this episode isn't really that bad. Unfortunately, this episode does not measure up like the previous 4 so I had to exclude it from the streak. As I watched this for the first time, I could feel the winds of change as I knew some bad shit was coming, if only I knew, if only I knew. Let's begin our review.

We start the episode out with the Krusty Show as he and Teeny are shooting each other with flaming arrows at their crotches (weird). One of the arrows sets Mel's hair on fire to which Krusty then beats him with a fire extinguisher. We see that Homer and Bart find it funny while Marge is knitting and Lisa is doing her homework. OK this needs to be addressed, in order for this to work, the writers have to have Lisa not interested in the Krusty show, which is out of character and just plain stupid. After the show ends we find out that Krusty is losing ratings with young girls (no adequately explained reason; he just is) and either he needs to hire a female co-star or the studio will replace him with a cheaper alternative.
Mmmm... donuts.Wait, wrong cast member. Cut!
As the family is having breakfast the next day Homer turns down Marge's donuts claiming he always gets free donuts at work. When he gets to work - Surprise! No donuts (or No! D'oh! Nuts! I loved that joke). Later we see Bart and Milhouse watching Krusty while Lisa is reading a book (OK this still pisses me off especially because they do not give any reason, not even a token mention of what the show did to turn her away). We see Krusty's new co-star Princess Penelope, whose main goal is to basically take away humor from a show and instead turn it into a bad Disney musical (I also get bad "Lisa the Drama Queen" flashbacks watching this bit). After seeing her, Bart and Milhouse hate the show and Lisa immediately loves the show again (Nice going executives, now you've alienated the male audience). I especially love how Bart puts on Milhouse's glasses to not be able to watch the show; if only the writers knew I did that for the bad episodes. Homer, Lenny and Carl are approached by a recruiter from another nuclear plant and he offers them a chance to work at said plant.
Hey Lisa, when you decide to have a normal body, give me a call.
Meanwhile, the Krusty Show gets a packed audience filled with girls and Krusty is pissed about it because now he's second fiddle. As Homer and Bart go to pick up Lisa, Bart notices that Krusty has basically been run out of his own show and he convince Krusty to get back on his feet and take back what is his (which leads to a funny series of events that basically belittle Krusty - until the last line, that is). We then see Homer, Lenny and Carl tour the Capital City Nuclear Power Plant as they get to meet Gary Larson and he draws up a nice cartoon. Moving on, Krusty goes to confront Penelope as she reveals to him that she loves him and Krusty becomes more willing to work with her (It's touching but considering some of the plots later on I thought someone would call sexual harassment on one of them).
Behold the NEW & IMPROVED Krusty the Clown Show... (Transformers is on channel 5 kids).
Act three begins with the new Krusty and Penelope show which is basically an hour of one of them sharing their love for the other (See that? That's your ratings down the toilet Krusty). Also, considering that Krusty is in his fifties to sixties and she has to be somewhere in her twenties, I die a little considering he's old enough to be her father (or even grandfather possibly). After a pointless presentation by Lisa's class ("I'm a Star Wars" was pretty funny though), we see Homer and the gang being treated to massages. Smithers sees this and informs Mr. Burns that they could leave and Mr. Burn's doesn't want that.
OK writers, you are making this too easy
As Bart and Milhouse watch the Krusty show the same way one watches season 20, Krusty proposes to Penelope on TV. Bart and Milhouse then decide that they must break them up and they start planning. The final act begins with wrapping up the Homer story as Mr. Burns offers the gang each two donuts a day (which are extremely good) for them to stay. Homer, Lenny and Carl agree and they are all seen enjoying their donuts at Homer's work station.
You can either have a nice enriching life. Or you can have the mystery box.
After a news story to point out the celebrity marriage (And to point out that Penelope is just a Disney Princess. I knew it all along) we see the wedding take place. Bart tries to convince Penelope that Krusty has done this before and she will end up miserable. The writing staff then decides to piss on the grave of Eartha Kitt by having her lines recorded for a video right before her death (Pills, I need more pills). Penelope is unfazed but Krusty realizes that he will do the same and leaves her there. After Penelope performs as a street performer outside of a restaurant, she sees Krusty in the Seine river and he is willing to give the relationship a chance. We end the episode with a thank you from the writers claiming "The best is yet to come" (Liar, Liar, Liar!)

Final Judgment: While there were stupid moments and multiple times with padding, this was a very decent episode. It seems that the writer put time into both the main and sub plots as both are very entertaining.However the character derailment of Lisa is proof again that this staff has no idea how to write for her and it's really sad. The biggest rift I have against this is that the relationship between Krusty and Penelope is never explained later, they even took Krusty out of the show for a while which to me indicated that he was still in Paris. But to say the best is yet to come was the biggest insult of all, I can't believe they put that line in with serious intentions.

Final grade: 5.4/10 Not terrible but really not worth it

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