Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Episode 11: Million Dollar Maybe

Last's week's episode wasn't as good as the previous week's, and this one is just the same, a slippery slope that will lead into some of the worst writing I have seen in the history of The Simpsons. This yet again isn't a bad episode but it's just such a boring blah episode it's not really worth mentioning on any list of The Simpsons whether it be good or bad. Let's get on with our review.

We start the episode off with Marge and Homer singing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" as they explain that the song will be part of their toast for a wedding. The next day Lisa goes to the retirement home to find out that their TV doesn't work, so she goes out to get a conversion box. While at Circuit Circus (Real original, but it isn't even the worst thing) she finds Mr. Burns playing the display *sigh* "Funtento Zii" (I die a little inside) and decides to buy one for the home, forgetting to buy the converter. We then see Homer, Lenny and Carl all having lunch as each of them have a fortune cookie and each of the fortunes come true (How you can find the Lord after reading a fortune is beyond me but whatever).
Ow! I probably got a concussion, but I got free candy so it's okay
Homer's reads that it's his lucky day and he believes it after he gets free candy, finds a CD and drives recklessly without causing a crash. Homer then decides to use his good luck to buy a lotto ticket with a jackpot of *imitates Dr. Evil* one million dollars. Things aren't good though as there is a huge line and Homer fears that he will be late for the wedding (With his luck today though he should be able to get the ticket, grab dinner and make it with 30 minutes to spare). While Homer waits in line we see that the wedding is taking place without him. Homer tries to stall by telling Marge that there's a very long train in his way (In the most annoying way possible). After he gets his ticket, we cut to Marge trying to do the toast without Homer and failing miserably at it (P.S. the song she sings can be a solo, just look at Christopher Walken's version).
What we didn't see was the massive shooting spree caused by her failure
I gotta ask, what took Homer so long to get the ticket? One million dollars isn't that big of a jackpot in today's society and is the Kwik-E-Mart the only place in Springfield that sells lotto tickets or something? I'll end this plot hole now and continue with the review. While Marge is trying to entertain the audience (Including Krusty for some reason) we see Homer falling off a cliff as he passes by a pointless cameo. Afterwards we see Homer in the hospital as he finds out via TV he won the jackpot but realizes he cannot tell Marge that he skipped the wedding to buy a ticket. After Homer sends Barney to claim the one million (I mean $685,443) Barney gives Homer the money to hide in his tree. As Homer sees Marge doing the laundry the old fashion way (because laundromats aren't an option apparently), Homer decides to buy a new washer and hide it in a park (because claiming a work bonus makes no sense at all).
Oh no, the elderly know how to play video games. Next they will learn to use cell phones and computers! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!
Meanwhile, Lisa hooks up the Wii (I'm no longer referring to this as the Zii in this or future episodes) and the old folks start to like it. As the family *except for Lisa* goes through the park, Homer throws a frisbee into a bush where the washing machine is and then throws Bart into the bush after refusing to get the frisbee (He the throws Bart into a U-haul building). After a montage of what Homer buys for his family (who says money can't buy love?) Bart finds out about Homer's "Giving Tree" and convinces him (later blackmailing him) into spending the money more on him. After Moe makes a fake threat, we see Homer and Bart go to a Coldplay concert where the writers break a rule and give only the lead singer lines (When The Simpsons bring in a band, everyone gets a line regardless of importance).
Rest of Coldplay: WHERE ARE OUR LINES?! Aerosmith got lines!
Next, Bart and Homer go into a zero-gravity ride where Bart starts to blackmail Homer (also there's a scene somewhat reminiscent of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" where they burp to get to the front; ah, nostalgic memories). Lisa then returns to the retirement home to find out the orderlies ruined the Wii so that their jobs would be easier again. After Bart continues his blackmailing of Homer (Getting his dinner chair, dressing him up as a neanderthal for a school presentation, and treating him like a horse to get to soccer practice) Homer gets fed up and decides he will tell Marge what he did. Homer gets Marge into a hot air balloon and tells her what happened and she is surprisingly calm about it (I say it's because he won, had he lost she would have killed him, materialistic bitch). The episode ends with a orchid arrangement of Marge and one of Homer.

Final Judgment: It isn't a bad episode; it isn't even average. It's decent but not too memorable. It has some flaws but it is something to watch when you get bored of watching a lot of other Simpsons episodes.

Final Grade: 5.6/10 Might be worth giving it a chance

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