Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Promotional Poster

Ok since I posted my previous rant about the poster used for the upcoming season premiere and tore it a new one for unoriginality and blandness beyond compare, Fox released a new poster, and it's not much of an improvement:
Yes! This tells us a lot more than we already knew from the previous poster. I will give them kudos for including Lisa "Dancing" to those two playing guitar (I used quotes because that's what I assume she's doing). But yet again, it fails on the background. We still have the putrid brown background and again, this tells us little about the episode. What am I supposed to take from this? That Lisa's going to take up guitar lessons and then leave her family to play guitar on Wall Street? Ok the shirts do say "Counselor" so it does paint a better picture, but still nothing. This is about as uncreative as the poster for "Any Given Sundance" just Lisa and the guest stars doing nothing. So here's to a good opening to this season and hope that Simpsons don't do worse than South Park at this (Seriously The Simpsons are the ones who are supposed to set the bench marks not dip below them).

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