Monday, August 16, 2010

Episode 16: Greatest Story Ever D'ohed

An improvement! But not a significant one. This episode is extremely dull and boring - seriously, I think I only laughed 3 times and I believe one of them wasn't because the scene was meant to be funny. Yet again an episode with potential that is just wasted *sigh* I miss the good old days when I could be proud to watch this show. Let's review this episode and get enough coffee out for twelve.

We start off with Flanders holding a bible study with culturally relevant words placed in (I think the writers realized how stupid some of their references are and just slipped that in as an apology). The bible study is then interrupted by Homer being Homer with a slip-and-slide in his backyard. We then see the character derailment of Flanders as he just berates Homer immediately when he confronts him. Lovejoy suggests that Homer should come with the group to Israel, to which Ned is skeptical but eventually is accepting of. Flanders goes over to a now grass-skirt wearing Homer (The Pagan reference is SO subtle) and invites him to Israel.
Oh great Dog God. Grant me a pair of comfy pants
Homer declines but Marge accepts and Homer whines a little about it. After an unfunny incident involving Homer and airport security, we see Krusty who decided to make the pilgrimage to Israel to avoid hell (To which Lisa points out Jews don't believe in hell). At the hotel we get to meet our tour guide; Jakob who is yet another guest star that does nothing but spout out unfunny dialogue (He's like that guy who thinks he's funny but in reality he's not). After what seems like an eternity by Jacob, Homer decides to but in and delay the tour by going to the breakfast buffet. After that, we get to see Mr. annoying still ramble on for a good portion of his scenes (Seriously, the writing for him is TERRIBLE, he comes off more annoying than funny).
Ok let's get one thing straight. I will not be funny nor charming in this episode.
Flanders then hoping that Homer will stop being Homer asks for him to show a little interest in Israel instead of being an ignorant tourist. After Homer continues to piss all over what Israel stands for, we see the group viewing the Wailing Wall Homer and Bart get into a "fight" as Bart mocks Homer's prayer and Bart prays for him to die. Bart gets away by skateboarding on top of the wall, as Jakob's niece Dorit chases him down. She catches up to him and beats him down with Krav Maga (Israeli military fighting technique) and kneeing him in the crotch about a dozen times (OK that is funny). As the tour group goes to the Church of the Holy Scripture, Ned thanks God for being there and giving him Homer as his burden. He then finds Homer sleeping on the tomb of Jesus as that really starts to piss off Flanders.
Dear Lord! Jesus has been resurrected as Homer Simpson!
Homer and Flanders are then banned from the Church as Flanders then tells Homer his soul has no possibility for salvation and leaves infuriated. Homer then follows Ned to the outskirts of town as he goes into the desert where a sandstorm strands him out there. Homer then wanders the desert as he starts to get dehydrated and beings to starve where he hallucinates the "Veggie Tales" vegetables (Just roll with it) telling him he is the messiah(Who knew the anti-Christ would be our savior?). After Homer is then taken to the room, it's then told that Homer's suffering from "Jerusalem Syndrome" (Yes it exists, but I'd say he's more suffering from dehydration that caused his delusions).
Worship me peons! For I am a God.
After Homer escapes, the family goes to the Dome of the Rock to prevent him from doing something stupid (too late). On their way there (And our final visit from Jakob Yay!) The family (Plus Flanders) sees Homer giving a speech to try to unite all faiths as one religion (Um Homer, it's a bit more complicated than that, there's a reason that Jews and Christians consider each other to be different). It is then forgotten as Agnes and Dr. Hibbert declare themselves as the messiah.
Seems like Lisa is really racking up the fatalities against Bart
As multiple nut cases, er I mean people with Jerusalem Syndrome board the plane, we see Homer's OK, Ned's at peace with Homer and Lisa gets the window seat by kneeing Bart in his crotch.

Final Judgment: This episode isn't nearly as controversial as I thought it would be but at the same time, it's boring. The tour guide comes off as annoying rather than funny, the plot itself was nothing special and when you come down to it, it's not that memorable.

Final Grade: 6.2/10 Not bad, just bland

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