Wednesday, December 12, 2012

About the lack of updates

As you may know at this point, I have missed not one, but two reviews thus far this season and come next week, it will be three. Why three you may ask? Let me explain. While I still do enjoy writing these really detailed, unprofessional "reviews" there are more important priorities in my life right now.

This week final exams will begin for me and like good college students, studying for exams that could alter your future are more important than entertaining a dozen or so people online. I do want to eventually write up  some belated reviews for the 3 episodes that I missed, but right now that's not a priority. What is a priority is memorizing my notes on finding the Moment of Inertia about a rigid body, applying Gauss' law and Airfoil Theory and how it helps find the downwash of a wing that is distance 'b' away from the origin. I really do appreciate all of you who read my blog, but a man needs to set his priorities straight.

Outside projects
For those of you who follow my YouTube channel (Link right here, be sure to subscribe and such), I have tried my hand at video game commentating. Like this blog, it is a hobby, I do not take it 100% serious and do not expect to go far with it. However recording footage has taken a toll on my work schedule and I can't help but feel that it has affected the quality of my reviews. But that's neither here nor there. I feel that having the ability to do multiple things like this is good for me and allows me to broaden my horizon and open my mind when I talk to others so that conversations don't immediately begin with "Hey, you're that Simpsons guy, right?" and because of this, I am only able to put out just a review each week. No extra analysis, no reviews of past seasons, etc.

I hope that shed some light on what's been going on, I will do my best to keep you guys in the loop when stuff like this happens. Thanks for reading and have a safe holiday season.