Thursday, June 10, 2010

Season 21 Review

An English proverb states "All good things must come to an end" while we all know this series is seeing its expiration date soon, thankfully the series did not end with this season. It would be a shame for a series this great to end on such a low note. To say this is a horrible season is a bit harsh, it had its high notes and it did deliver three top-notch episodes (They made the nomination list for my top 50 episodes). But like the past 8 seasons, the season was plagued by more crappy episodes than good ones. Since I've been watching this for the past 6 years, every year the show seems to get worse and worse with the exception of this season (But really Season 20 was so bad, mentioning it gets a 1-way ticket to purgatory).

This season did start off positive with "Homer the Whopper". I really came in to the season with low expectations after season 20 ended with a crappy version of "Much Apu About Nothing" but after "Homer the Whopper" I saw hope in this season. Then along came "Bart Gets a 'Z'" and disappointment soon set in again.

After that we go through an up-and-down series of four episodes that don't really define the season too much.

There is light though as we got our 3 episode highlights staring with "Rednecks and Broomsticks" which proves that the writers are capable of writing a good plot. "O Brother Where Bart Thou?" which is yet another good plot with jokes that is the closest thing to season 8 writing in a long time. And ending on "Thursdays with Abie" which yet again proves that subplots can be written just as well as the main plot.

There were two average episodes afterwards but then the bad writers reared their ugly heads in. With Horrible episodes like "Boy Meets Curl" and "Stealing First Base" the season seemed could not be salvaged. The rest of the season had its ups with "The Squirt and the Whale" and "The Bob Next Door" but was outweighed by crap like "To Surveil with Love", "Moe Letter Blues" and "Judge me Tender".

This season is one of the worst seasons I've seen so far from this show. While there are some memorable episodes, it's all together a bad season with bad writers. "Things get better with age" does not apply to this show, I really hope next season is its last and it goes out on a high note.

There were a few things I noted particularly with this season. I noted a few times in the season that there were too many montages, and after counting them, it turns out there were 19 montages in a 23 episode season. That's close to 4 montages every 5 episodes and it defeats the purpose of the montage. Also, doing something not many people would have noticed, I counted the lines for Lisa per episode. In season 20 I had an equation basically determining the quality of an episode is based on the number of lines for Lisa (More on that in my season 20 review). After doing a full count, Lisa averaged about 23 lines an episode (But closer to 20 if you remove the Eliza lines from "The Color Yellow") and the sad part is, in 5 episodes, Lisa got just 10 lines (5 lines in 4 of those episodes). I don't know what the writers had against Lisa this season but she was the first cast member to be completely shut out of an episode.

Final Grade: 5.4/10 It's just not that good it can be considered better than other shows on TV, but I really think that it's name is keeping this series afloat.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Robert Cranning has recently done his annual season review of The Simpsons and boy do I think it's stupid. Now I know I've disagreed with him before but oh boy is he far off from fact and I just want to say a few things about his review.

"Season 21 continued to move the series in an upward trajectory, perhaps with its anniversary celebration reigniting some passion and creativity"
I guess that bad plots and out-of character moments is creative

"Instead of bringing their raunchy comedy style to the series, these life-long fans of The Simpsons gave us a solid, funny episode that took its cues from Season 8 era Simpsons. They delivered a familiar feeling episode, but not one that felt like a retread. Leave it to a couple of talented fans to remind viewers what the series is capable of."
Yes because a boring episode that has some of the unfunniest dialogue is just like season 8. You know what made season 8 and before good; THE PLOTS in conjuncture with the jokes, not just the jokes.

"The only other highlight from early in the season was a great "Treehouse of Horror" which hit the mark with three solid stories that were both funny and dark."
Yes because a musical is funny and dark... YOU'RE A DUMBASS!! Plus to not include "O Brother where Bart Thou?" is a slap in the face (P.S. "Rednecks and Broomsticks" was a good episode because the plot was involving and it wasn't stupid).

"Bart's girl troubles were good for a lot of laughs in "Stealing First Base," with Sarah Silverman providing the voice of the troublesome girl."
Having a bipolar bitch for a girlfriend provides tons of laughs, as well as parents who overreact at just the smallest thing, oh wait NO THEY DIDN'T THEY WERE STUPID!

""The Squirt and The Whale" told the tale of a beached whale in Springfield. Like the best Simpsons episodes, it delivered loads of laughs, while still effectively tugging at the heartstrings."
By effectively tugging at the heartstrings he means having Lisa hold the "Idiot Ball" the whole episode and allow the whale to die so heartwarming.

8.3(out of 10) Impressive
Yes because it's impressive that people think this series is still good.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leftist Rant

Heya, this is your friendly neighborhood editor/snarker speaking (the crossed-out commenter). As you can see, my name is RBYDark (though you can call me Ruby!). I was editing a review for the main contributor when I came across a line that I thought he honestly made up. I asked him about it, and he showed me, yes, it was real, said on the show, out of (of all people!) Marge's mouth.

"I'm left handed. I've been using my right hand all these years cause I didn't want to seem unusual in any way"

Sweet baby Jesus on a stick, where do I START?
First off, I myself am a lefty (and proud of it!). My right hand is only really used with scissors and a computer mouse - but, yeah, I'm not a rarity or even that unusual. I'm not exactly exactly common, but unusual? No one even notices I'm left-handed unless I point it out - contrary to what Marge says, I don't think ANYONE would find her unusual for being left-handed. In addition, approximately 10-15% of the world population (or U.S. population) is left-handed. I dunno about you, but I like them odds - there are probably more lefties in your life than you realize, Marge. Heck, your own SON and your next-door neighbor is left-handed.

Lastly, if you started left-handed but use your right hand for everything, you'll probably lose a decent portion of dexterity and strength in your left hand. In short, Marge, you'd become right-handed.
People, tell me how being left-handed is unusual, really. This isn't the Dark Ages, the left hand is not the Devil's Hand. Heck, we don't even attract notice until someone REALLY looks. And, Marge, really - you married the town idiot and raised the shooter of Mr. Burns, the hellraiser, and the temporary-MENSA member. You were labeled 'unusual' LONG ago.

Unique Left Handed Facts

What causes some people to be left-handed, and why are fewer people left-handed than right-handed?