What can I say about arguably the greatest TV series to ever be shown? Can it go out with respect? Please? With people either loving the Simpsons no matter what they produce or people who shut out the idea of any of the new episodes being good due to the declining quality. I personally am more critical of the new episodes but I still have found a few episodes I really like.

While there have been a handful of episodes I don't mind, there have been more episodes that make me yearn for an announcement of a series finale. It's really hard to judge an episode because people can either compare the episode to what is currently on TV and love it or compare an episode to previous episodes and find it disappointing. As a fan since 2000 while owning seasons 1-10 on DVD, I fall under the comparing the new to the old.

There are very few places to actually find someone who posts these same opinions so when I see a good review for something completely stupid in reference to the series I have to just smack my forehead in disgust.

The point of this blog is to give my own opinions on episodes that would be too long to post on or Hulu. While most will probably not be in favor, I will try my hardest to understand that the writing can only be so good and the writers are trying so if something seems stupid once, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that the story was becoming hard to write or something.

I really feel that my feelings towards this show has really been tainted by some of the Shit that was produced in season 20 including the only episode of ANY TV SHOW that has actually made me nauseous watching and makes me cringe just thinking about it. So I understand if you feel that I may have some unjustified hatred of a certain aspect of the episode, I apologize about those in advance. My main beef with these new episodes is that so many people are just blinded by the fact that it's been on the air for an impressive 21 (24 if you count the shorts) years and they feel like anything they produce is either great or deserves a pardon because of it's lofty status. To that I ask: "Does George Lucas deserve a pardon for the Animated Clone Wars series? Or even the movie of that?" NO! Good things know when to call it a rest and go out with style, because if you don't, the lasting impression is usually the last, and in this business that's not a good thing.

I will do a episode by episode review starting soon and hope to get a few followers soon. I plan on posting a review the Monday after a new episode and during the summer I will post reviews of older episodes in the past few seasons

Grading Scale:
10/10-Elite episodes, deserves same mention as those from the Golden Years as the best
9/10-Great episodes, definitely worth re-watching on DVD
8/10-Good episode, worth re-watching at least once before the next season airs
7/10-Decent episode, few problems can be re-watchable
6/10-Okay episode, glaring problems, can be re-watchable with a greater suspension of disbelief
5/10-Average episode, plot holes, uncharacteristic behavior throughout
4/10-One-and-done, watch once and wonder where the magic went
3/10-Bad episode, stupid plot, character derailment and plot holes everywhere
2/10-Therapy, nothing can rid your mind of this
1/10-Attempted suicide, do not have sharp object nearby while watching it
0/10-Full frontal lobotomy, you will never let it go how bad it is