Monday, August 23, 2010


For those of you who don't know/remember, I HATED the teacher from "Bart gets a Z" because he was annoying, over-the-top topical to the point of being an ad for Apple and just flat out unfunny and annoying. Well God must have heard what I said and he gave me a teacher who I swear is the exact same down to even getting drunk outside of class. The only difference is that my professor does not really like twitter and mocks those who use it so he's not too annoying. I'll be posting updates on my opinion of this professor as I continue this semester with him. Hopefully I will grow to like him and be able to separate him from that annoying teacher.

This blog will resume weekly as soon as Season 22 starts with reviews coming the day after the episode ends. I also plan on releasing season 20 review soon and the top 50 list is a few episode shy of being complete so that'll be released the week before season 22 begins.

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