Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Tribute: A look at "Homer vs the 18th Amendment"

Happy St. Patrick's day everyone. As a part Irish man (About 1/8th or so) I gotta wear as much green as possible and find every way to embrace the traditions given for today (However I'm not drinking as I know people who've been in DUI accidents before and today's one of the worst days for that). So anyways, the point. I thought about what exactly should I do for St. Patrick's Day. I already did a review of Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes so that's out of the picture, I'm going to do the In the Name of the Grandfather review later so that's out. So then it hit me, talk about a GOOD St. Patrick's Day episode and we're in luck, one of my all time favorites and it's from season 8 Homer vs the 18th Amendment. Instead of a review, I'm just going to simply talk about why this episode is what it is (And that would be great).

The main reason that this is one of the (If not the) best St. Patrick's Day episode from this show is because of two reasons.

  1. There aren't too many St. Patrick's Days episodes around
  2. The majority of the other episodes are from post-season 10
But aside from all that, this episode is great on its own and a pretty good satire as well (Yeah, this is when the show COULD do a satire without loudly announcing it and doing a piss-poor job with it). So I'm just going to begin with the St. Patrick's Day part and just talk a little about my favorite parts of it.

  • When Bart enters the school and isn't wearing green everyone immediately looks at him and starts pinching him (It only takes 41 seconds to get the first joke in. Now a days, it'd take about 2 minutes or so)
  • While Bart's getting pinched to death, Lisa tortures him further by getting more students to pinch him (I really like this because it's sort of Lisa's little "Take that" to Bart. Especially after what happened the episode before)
What a nice sister
  • Homer's and the bar flies are all at the bar early in the morning (I like how Homer, Lenny and Carl could all care less about work, as today's a drinking day)
  • Moe's poisonous green dye cracks me up
  • The designated drivers joke makes me snicker
~Just beat it! Beat it! Beat it! Beat it!~
  • The St. Patrick's Day parade is pretty amusing considering how it embraces Irish stereotypes
  • I like how the animators put effort into giving the citizens a green theme, whether it meant green clothes or green hair
  • I find it funny that beer is shot out to the public in the middle of a public event. I'm more surprised the women didn't complain about this
  • Huh, Lenny was at Moe's and the parade at the same time, who knew he had explosive teleportation?
  • You know for as long as it lasted (3:30) it was very memorable and very funny (A lot more jokes than today's episodes)
This episode was very memorable for the whole "Beer Barron" plot, but the St. Patrick's Day plot was very essential for leading into the prohibition storyline. It gave us an idea about how overreactive Helen Lovejoy is and just how one incident can be blown out of proportion to lead to what it lead to. In short, there isn't really a St. Patrick's Day themed episode (That we can hang our hat on) but I'd say that this is close enough.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, and remember drink responsibly.

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