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Episode 10: Take My Life Please

In my opinion, this series jumped the shark around the 11th season because the writing became a little more inconsistent, and one could not always depend on the upcoming episode being great. But this episode further jumps the shark (For about the 321st time)(Is that possible?) in my opinion because of the new opening. To me, this show loses the nostalgic feeling of the golden age by replacing the opening and making me feel like I'm watching a different show (Bit over-the-top, aren't we). It doesn't help that this episode isn't that great either. Let's review the episode that officially killed my nostalgic feeling for this show, again.

We begin with Vance Connor being inducted into the Springfield Wall of Fame (Because there are so many important people that came from Springfield, right?)(...there's Homer). Homer explains that he and Vance went to high school and Vance was the class president, which is why he's angry at him (Though judging by the background, the directors didn't care if we knew that. The background is very distracting in this scene)(Directors or animators to blame?). We flashback to Homer running for class president against Vance (Oh great this is going to be one of those episode with a skewed timeline isn't it?) Vance gave a great speech, and Homer fucked up by tearing up his speech and not being able to think of a new one, and so he gets laughed at (I would too, he's clearly not qualified to even be up there)(Well, ouch *has been in Homer's position* Even though it was his own fault, OUCH)
No! Don't do that, that's the script... Wait! Continue to do that!
Homer then in the present tries to prove that Vance is miserable as he decides to tell us all what he's doing while he's doing it (Show, don't tell! No wonder I hated these new episodes, the writing is truly unfunny and terrible). Homer finds out that Vance is not miserable which makes himself even more miserable (Can't wait for him to start going to poetry slams just to be kicked out for being too emo). At Moe's Bar (Now in HD *tumbleweed*) Lenny and Carl reveal to Homer that Principal Dondalinger gave them the ballot box to bury and Homer may have won (Lenny and Carl only decided to do it if Dondalinger kept them out of college, idiots). After a pointless Al Gore cameo (Nice padding there writers, almost made me forget there was supposed to be a plot) Homer goes to Lenny's to have them both dig up the box. They dig up the ballot box (After first discovering a box over it. What, was the show ten seconds too short?) Lisa tallies up the votes and reveals that Homer won the election. Homer is at first ecstatic but then blames this holding back the life he could have had (Um, a high school election doesn't count for shit especially considering you never completed college, you would have still have had the same life)(Really, man. Besides, having come from high school recently, I can say that the class president isn't treated much differently than other students. Maybe if he became a kickass athlete, there'd be a difference....)
Let's see with that vote, this show has officially become shit
Actually, I want to talk about the massive character derailment this entire plot brings up. In Lisa's Substitute, Homer consoled Bart about losing the class presidency by saying that the class president doesn't do anything important and he may have been better off not winning. In this episode, the writers TOTALLY forget about that and make it seem like winning class president is the most important thing in life, I hate this episode. Lisa is quick to point this out but is silenced by the writers' stupidity, er I mean Homer. Homer then decides to set out for revenge in an overly padded speech (Okay seriously WTF writers? What is up with this long shitty dialogue? It's not funny it's stupid and pointless). Homer then goes to the golf course where he demands answers from Dondalinger. Dondalinger explains (In flashback of course. Because it worked so well the last time) why he decided to rig the election: some jocks had planed on stuffing the ballot boxes so that they could laugh at Homer because he would be a joke president (How is that different from Obama?) Homer exposits how he feels three different emotions as he decides to demonstrate (I really need booze. The writers clearly don't know the concept of "Show don't tell". I feel like they're talking down to me like if I'm a lobotomized retard). 
I have a loving, caring family, *Sigh* my life is terrible
Later, the family eats at Luigi's, where Luigi reveals to Homer that he has this deus ex machina where his chef can stir the sauce so that Homer can see an alternate timeline (This makes no sense! How many plot conveniences can the writers pull out of their ass? What's next? If they approach Fat Tony, he'll have a red pill that Homer can take that'll allow him to live said alternate life?)(That'd be cooler and make a bit more sense said pill would be a drug!) Anyways, in said timeline, Homer becomes the president and, instead of being made fun of, he's beloved by all because he's an average student just like them (Hey, if you look at President Carter, he was an average Joe as well. How'd that work out?)(And, again, the class president often is an average Joe) In our next vision of this timeline (Are the writers taking this seriously?) we see Homer walking the hallways being popular and making decisions he could never make (Including a topical reference to the government bailout of GM... *Smacks head against desk*). Homer then asks out a girl named Debbie Pinceon (Sorry if I misspelled, but honestly I don't care about her), who agrees to, and makes Marge sad that she couldn't go with Homer 
It's a good thing Marge never showed interest in Homer at all during High School or this scene might be awkward
(I'll get to this point later)(NO NOW. Marge never showed ANY interest in Homer, EVER, until he tried taking her to prom and she realized what a sweet guy he was). After a pointless scene where Lisa explains the point of that (Thanks, because we couldn't do that ourselves, seriously how dumb do the writers think we are?) we see Homer at the prom where he notices Marge and Artie dancing and he is instantly attracted to her (Not nearly as nice as the first time they met, but who cares, let's steal someone else's date at the prom... And back to the bottle). After Homer gets rid of the pretentious Debbie (Seriously what is with the design of women outside the main cast in this show? They look way too un-Simpsonized) Homer goes to steal Marge from Artie and they dance (How charming except for the fact you totally miss the point of when they first met, God I hate this). Homer tells Debbie to find someone else as everyone at the prom (but Homer) wants to be with her (Wow, is this just the writer's fantasies we're seeing now? But hey at least Debbie is out of the plot *Clapping*). 
You know what type of story I like? The type that completely fuck up the entire premise of a show
Afterwards, Homer goes to say goodbye to Marge at her home, where we see Patty and Selma both like Homer (Wow, I really hate this character derailment). Mr. Burns then happens to drive by and give Homer a job that's better than the one he already has. You know what, fuck it! I'm going in stride with all this, who cares that Don Payne clearly doesn't give a shit about the characters? Who cares that the lines are more pretentious than a Twilight novel?(Not possible) Not me! I'm just going to roll with it, this episode isn't worth my anger. After Lisa does the same thing as last time (Seriously, STFU!) we see that in this timeline Homer is much richer, has his old house as a guest house with a mansion of his own and has no kids. All this because he won a class president election... if you need me I'll be at the bar. 
Nice to know that Homer loves his family so much
After Homer sees all this he goes off to the mall to buy out the entire Hot Topic inventory - I mean, he goes back home and becomes even more emo (So he's emo...because he has a loving family? That's HARSH, man. Nice to know he hates Lisa and Maggie and Bart so much). It's nice to know that Homer's had this crappy life for 20 years and just now is he just lying in a kiddie pool because an alternate timeline which he couldn't control didn't happen.... fuck it, the episode's almost over. The family brings him in and tries to convince him that his life is great (Say does that sound familiar?). They then bring him to the Wall of Fame and showing him a plaque of him as "Class President-Elect" which instantly makes him happy. The episode ends with the family walking away as they decide to go to a Korean restaurant to eat (BLOW ME!)

Final Judgment: This episode is terrible, the dialogue is pretentious, the jokes are beyond terrible, the characters are written way out of style and the story is stupid. I mean, did they get ANYTHING right?! This episode feels like a deterrent for anyone who has watched this for more than 2 years so that they can get away with whatever shit they want. This is a great way to symbolize the transition from regular Simpsons to HD Simpsons: the HD version SUCKS!

Final grade: 1.3/10 too pretentious to actually care

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