Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Schedule

4/1: Around the World in 30 Days: Part 1
4/4: In the Name of the Grandfather
4/6: Lovecraft's Corner #4: The Dunwich Horror (1970)
4/8: Lovecraft's Corner #4: The Dunwich Horror (1970)
4/11: The Great Simpsina
4/13: Wedding for Disaster
4/15: Around the World in 30 Days: Part 2
4/18: TBA
4/20: Eeny Teeny Maya Moe
4/22: Around the World in 30 Days: Part 3
4/25: TBA
4/27: The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly
4/30: Around the World in 30 Days: Part 4


  1. God! Are the titles for episodes getting worse and more unimaginative? Looking forward to each one; hopefully "Lisa, the Drama Queen" will be eventually reviewed.

  2. Yeah I'm sorry about that for last month, I'm really hoping to do "Lisa the Drama Queen" sometime over the Summer (Details to come).

    For the titles, they've just become lazy puns or replacing an "O" sound with D'oh. Say goodbye to "Marge vs. The Monorail" and "Last Exit From Springfield" and say hello to "The Ned-liest Catch" (No seriously, that's an episode that's coming up soon. And from what I've heard, it involves Ned getting together with Edna... I pray for my each of my reader's sanity)

  3. Are you going to review any thing from season 19? 'That 90s Show' is probably the worst of them.

  4. Well, right now I'm working on season 20 and should be done sometime around mid May (I don't have an exact date yet). I had plans to start individual reviews of season 19 back in December, but decided to publish the season 20 individually first. I'm not quite sure if I'll start season 19 right after the last season 20 review or wait until September, it really depends on my Summer schedule (Details to come).

    But 'That 90's Show' is one of three episodes that I promised myself I would review so it's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

  5. I've been waiting to read you opinion on Mona Leaves-a since I discovered your blog a few months ago. Great blog By the Way.