Monday, April 25, 2011

Updated preview and Anniversary

Hi everyone, yet again since there is no episode this week, I thought I would do a quick blog that included one of my favorite things today as well as update the preview from last week (There are photos now for two of the episodes).

First I'd like to say "Go me!" because tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my blog (Well a year for the blogspot section). Wow, a whole year. I thought this would only last a couple of months, I'd get bored and quit. I'd like to thank all of you for supporting me through the good times (Treehouse of Horror 21 post) the bad times (A lot of my season 21 posts I wish I could revise) and just the flat out "What the fuck were you thinking?!" times (Some of my choices for my lists). When I started out I had no readers, no true incentives, and no motivation outside of "I'm sick of reading these "Reviews" that praise these awful episodes" and now... I have you guys, so for all of you aspiring bloggers out there, remember, it could always be worse. Enjoy this little comic strip that helped keep me going:

If you didn't know, I'm a fan of Pearls Before Swine. I always enjoy these "Goat's blog" strips a lot. Goat tries his hardest while his friend rat rags on him for being unpopular, very relatable.

Now for an update on the previews. First off the writers for the last four episodes have all been revealed.
  • Real Housewives of Fat Tony: Dick Blasucci (No real idea who he is and couldn't find another writing credit for him on the show)
  • Homer Scissorhands: Peter Gaffney & Steve Viksten (Peter wrote THoH XVII which was stupid IMO, also wrote on other animated shows as well. Steve I have no idea)
  • 500 Keys: John Frink (... No comment, just read my "Hate Month" on him for more details)
  • The Ned-Liest Catch: Jeff Westbrook (Wrote Kill Gil Vol 1&2 (Which I hated), Apocalypse Cow (Which was dull), No Loan Again, Naturally (Which was dull), Pranks and Greens (Which was just odd). Really this does not inspire confidence in me)
And now the release pictures from Fox themselves of the Fat Tony episode and Homer Scissorhands episode

Where do I begin? First off THAT'S SELMA?! What the fuck?! And like I feared, Jersey Shore will play a role in this episode... there is not enough booze to clam my nerves from the fear I am experiencing right now at the idea of this. And you know the worst part about all this, a lot like the Ke$ha opening from last year, modern fans will probably gush over the Jersey Shore inclusion citing how funny it is when in reality it won't be.

.... What am I supposed to say?! I'm really just holding back a lot of rage I have towards this picture alone. This is going to be painful *Facepalm*

Which brings me to my final announcement. Due to final exams, I will not be posting anything between May 5 to May 12. So that means the Homer Scissorhands and May theme month will be put on hold. However, my editor RBY will have the next Lovecraft's corner out by May 11, so I hope that'll appease you enough for now. Once I am finished with exams and moving, I will get right on this episode and May's theme month. I will reveal May's theme month with my schedule and hopefully make up for the lack of a first post. Until then, I will see you in the next season 20 review.


  1. Congrats! I didn't know you've been doing this for a year though...

  2. Well technically I did my first text review on April 26 2010. But I really didn't get much attention until August

  3. Peter Gaffney and Steve Viksten? Whoa.

    They're both "Rugrats" veterans (not from the Dil years, the good years). This may be the most unusual writing credit in a cartoon I've seen in a while.