Monday, April 4, 2011

About "Lisa's First Word" airing last night

While I did miss the airing last night (Was taking care of something else at the time). I heard that Fox was showing the re-run of Lisa's First Word last night. I figure that they did this in memory of Elizabeth Taylor (They should have also shown Krusty gets Kancelled as well since they showed two reruns that night. Nobody wants to be reminded of the nightmare that is Mother's I'd Like to Forget, Fox). So I decided to re-watch the episode on my own time (I hope to get to a tribute of Elizabeth Taylor sometime soon), and I still stand by that this is my 2nd favorite episode of all time and I still get emotional over the last scene despite it being just one line. The line was just so powerful in context (And even out of context) that I'm glad that they decided to re-air the episode in tribute of Elizabeth Taylor. It's the perfect example of why this show still resonates well with people despite the crap that currently airs. This episode really represents everything that modern Simpsons isn't; It's well written, the story is excellent, the jokes are great and don't feel dated, the characters are great and very developed, and above all it evokes a feeling other than disgust. There wasn't a single moment where I wasn't smiling or laughing and it shows that the show is very capable of tugging at the heart-strings while still being funny.

My hope is that fans of modern Simpsons watched this episode and realize why the show sucks now and will stop watching the new episodes. I doubt that will happen but this reviewer can dream, can't he? I'm just going to end this little bit with perhaps one of the most memorable endings to an episode ever. Enjoy:

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  1. I agree that this is one of the best episode endings ever, and I really hate to see the Simpsons go from something as great as this to the crap that's on today.