Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Episode 17: The Good, the Sad, and the Drugly

I got nothing. I'll admit I don't know what I was thinking when I first reviewed this. Neither plots are original, it's not that funny, it drags and drags at times, the characters are rather boring. I should hate this episode, and yet I don't hate it. My best guess though is that I was so desensitized that the idea of a story reminiscent of the good years seemed like a plus to me. Now that I've had more time to think about it though, this episode is rather stupid. So let's take another look at this.

We start off with Bart and Milhouse outside the school with power drills, having unscrewed all the screws in the entire building (I'd rather not ask how long it took, but it must have been an all-nighter). We then see chaos and destruction ensue, and Milhouse gets caught by Skinner when he's trying to return the power drills (There are attempts at jokes here, but the key word is "attempts"). In Skinner's office, Chalmers and Skinner try to get an accomplice out of Milhouse but he refuses to talk and is suspended for a week (That's a rather light punishment for destroying the whole school I gotta admit)(What do you expect from Springfield?). After Willie takes Milhouse out of the school (Dead Man Walking style, I don't know why they included it, I never saw the movie), Bart goes to visit Milhouse outside of his window and apologizes for allowing him to take the fall and says he'll make it up by visiting him every day (Milhouse waves a la Dumbo's mother. How far are we in this?)(I bet that Bart forgets this). After Homer picks up Bart, he drops him off at the retirement home to visit Grampa (I don't know why, makes no sense to me).
Keep me from the gallows pole
Bart initially wants to leave, but then he sees this girl named Jenny, he immediately goes over and talks to her, falling in love with her (Of all the girlfriends Bart has had she's not the worse. At the time she was, but now that honor goes to Bipolar Bitch). Back home, Lisa finishes her homework early so she starts her project on what the future will be like and she starts to get scared when she sees all these stories about how the world will suck (The site must be owned by Al Gore)(Nope, that sounds like CNN and FOX...and NBC..and CBS...and...). Back at school, we see Bart watching Jenny as Nelson comes by to make some unfunny sex innuendos to Bart about Jenny (None of which are funny, this is a comedy right?)(Aren't these guys in fourth grade? I mean, it's been a while for me, but...). After Bart asks out Jenny to picnic, Bart tells Willie, so Willie tries to one-up him with his Swedish supermodel girlfriend (Which he apparently has. Also, I'd rather not know why Bart decided to tell Willie of all people). Later we see Lisa spaz out as she rants like a lunatic about how there will be no Springfield in 50 years (Hey if she did it next to an underpass, people would listen and give her money)(To be fair to her - if we're lucky, that'll be true. 70 seasons of The Simpsons? I like 'em, but.....).
You guys keep this show running. I've been 8 for 22 years for Christ sakes! Let me grow up!!
After Skinner tells Lisa she needs to go into therapy (Hey finally some good advice for us, we all need intensive therapy after this shitty season) we see Bart and Jenny on their picnic as they're having a good time by the lake (Say wasn't Bart supposed to visit Milhouse often or something like that?)(I win my bet!). We then see Bart rescue a duckling because the bullies are torturing it and Jenny wants Bart to save it (That was necessary). Moving on, we see Lisa going to therapy with Marge and Homer as the therapist tells the parents to just give Lisa some happy pills (Wow, whenever I go to therapy, my therapist tells me to work things out before she busts out the pad... forget I just said that)(Beats how my sessions go - uh, you didn't read that). After Lisa says yes to the drugs (Okay I know I should be calling this out for the idiotic "Lisa doesn't take pills" bit, but really I'm not that bothered with it because she really has a "I'm depressed and doesn't care"), we see her given a pill right before she leaves for school. She takes it on the bus causing her to hallucinate happy things (That's called weed, writers)(Think it'll destroy the memories better than alcohol?).
This is how the world would look if the Disney company had their way
Later that night we Bart setting the table because he's trying to act like a nice guy for Jenny (Paging Jessica Lovejoy). At dinner, Jenny begins to see how dysfunctional the family is (Homer being an idiot and Lisa being high... goody) when all of a sudden a thunderstorm comes by and the doorbell rings (After Jenny said "Nothing can change my opinion of him", dude, that's like Satan's calling card). Bart goes to get the door to reveal it's Milhouse (Hey the writers remembered him) and Milhouse is mad at Bart for not holding up his promise as Jenny comes to the door right after he says that (Ah convenience would we be without it?). Milhouse and Bart then start talking about how Bart didn't visit Milhouse and Milhouse finds out about Bart's feelings for Jenny (Remind me again, what's her personality like again? Sweet and innocent? Not enough!). Milhouse then ominously walks away. Later, at the church bake sale, Bart joins Jenny at her table when Milhouse comes in to try to subtly (Well as subtle as a brick to the face can be) point out that Bart is bad. This causes Bart's conscience to act up and he leaves.
Wal-Mart called, they want their mascot back
Back at the house we see Lisa lying on her bed stoned (I don't blame her, if I had to exist in this season I'd try whatever I could do to escape from reality as well); she sees a smiley face and tries to kiss it, but it turns out it's an open fan (Being held up by Maggie... Since when has Maggie ever wanted to harm Lisa?). Marge comes in and takes the pills away from Lisa (Wow, that subplot lasted for all of three short scenes, glad to know it had to be in). Okay, this may sound incredibly stupid, but I would have actually liked to see this as a real subplot, well maybe not this particular drug, but maybe something along the line of expanding on her little pep-pill problem from The Canine Mutiny. Maybe I'm reaching here, but at this point I'd rather see that over half the shit in this season. Anyways, back to the review, Bart and Jenny go to the docks (because sea-level gives Milhouse nosebleeds apparently) as Milhouse is there anyways causing Bart to confess to Jenny that he's really a bad boy.
Look I'm sorry things can't work between us, but Milhouse and I were meant for each other
Jenny is shocked and she dumps him because he lied to her (And we never see her again, goodbye forgettable, bland character, we won't miss you). Bart goes to the Kwik-E-Mart (a la Moe's) until Lisa tells him that he needs to straighten things out (Because the writers had to connect these two plots somehow). Bart gets a bouquet of roses and heads out. Bart gives the roses and an apology to Milhouse. Milhouse forgives him, and they decide to make up by turning the school into an ice rink (Wow, I feel like I just stumbled into a Simpsons slash fic).

Final Judgment: This episode is extremely unoriginal, but to be quite honest, it's not the worst I've seen this season. Don't get me wrong, this sucked, but I'd take this episode over half of the shitty "Original" episodes the writers spew out of their asses. The writing is very bland, the jokes are practically non-existent, and the stories just aren't interesting. It's a very forgettable episode and just another standard Modern Simpsons episode.

Final Grade: 2.8/10 just very 'meh' and not worth it

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