Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Guest Stars

Since this show hasn't been really relevant in years (People don't talk about this show as often as other shows, nor does it get much attention from the online community) the show really has been relying on "important" guest stars to grab attention. Whether they are big names whose sole purpose is to exist onscreen and basically tell the audience "Hey we got *Insert guest star here* to appear" (Katy Perry, Mark Zuckerberg, Danica Patrick, etc) or guest stars for the sole purpose of doing something "edgy" or "noteworthy" (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Daniel Radcliffe, etc) the writers always find ways to make the guest appearance on The Simpsons seem less and less like a major accomplishment (Remember the days when a cameo on this show actually meant something? Yeah, it's becoming harder and harder to remember that). So today I take a look at who will be making cameos and what they'll be doing in said cameos while offering a little commentary on each one.

Kiefer Sutherland- Security Guard Wayne

  • So this will be his third cameo on the show (24 Minutes and G.I. D'oh for his other two). Honestly there's not really much to say, my bet is that he'll be onscreen for about 6 total minutes (Plus or minus 2 minutes) and be rather 'meh'(Not important nor really forgettable)
Tom Colicchio- Himself
  • Well that didn't take too long. We're two cameos in and already having a "Voicing themselves" cameo. And remind me again, didn't Marge recently participate in some cook-off or something? I don't see this ending well
Theodore Roosevelt- Himself
  • I debated on whether this counted or not, but Al Jean counted this in his list of guest stars for the San Diego Comic-Con, so I'm counting it (Although I find it pathetic just how close to fanboyish he sounded in announcing it. I'm convinced when he got approval to use the archival footage, he literally squeed)
Jonah Hill- Unconfirmed
  • I'm just going to go out on a limb and bet he's going to voice himself, next guest star
Jeremy Irons- Moe's Bar Rag
  • ... Am I on drugs? Apparently not, because Jeremy Irons will be voicing Moe's Bar Rag in a historical account of it's existence. You know, I can't help but be reminded a bit of the Simpsons Spinoff Showcase where Grampa voices Moe's Love Tester. The difference between that and this? THE SPINOFF WAS A PARODY OF SITCOMS! I bet this will be taken seriously
Jane Lynch- Roz (Power Plant assistant)
  • Anyone else getting Mindy vibes from this? Then again, I'm going to have to refrain myself from jabbing my eyes out at the idea of ANOTHER fucking Glee cameo.
Michael Cera- Nick (Lisa's love interest)
  • Ah so I see Lisa's straight again, thank God for retconning. But in all seriousness, this will probably be another underdeveloped character that nobody cares about and will give a very forgettable performance (Despite having a decent movie career)
Armie Hammer- Winklevoss Twins
  • Isn't this the equivalent of having David Tennant guest star as The Doctor? I'm sorry, but when the writers are so lazy that they bring in a guest star just to do a role that they recently finished, I can't help but call lazy. Granted it did work for Brother From Another Series, however, that was a brief moment and meant to satirize how they got both Grammer and Hyde-Pierce together.
Bryan Cranston- Stradivarius Cain (Movie Spy)
  • Honestly, I don't get this casting, then again, I didn't watch Malcolm in the Middle or much of his other work so I can't really judge here.
Ted Nugent- Himself
  • Great, a conservative nutjob playing a conservative nutjob. Talk about ideal casting.
Lady Gaga- Herself
  • And I've saved the best (Or worst) for last. Lady Gaga is an okay singer in my opinion (Don't really like her songs, but I can tolerate them), but nobody really cares for her singing, rather than how outlandish she can be at every public outing. I just find this guest appearance on paper as wasted as I could probably name a dozen ways to make fun of her, but the writers probably won't do that and instead just turn her appearance into one like Katy Perry's. Oh and as far as that "Kissing Marge" thing, it will probably be just a harmless "Hello/goodbye" sort of thing and it's being blown out of proportion because the show needs ratings. But I'm being optimistic and judging by their track record as of late, it will be as bad as I think it will be.
And those are the known guest stars. Join me next week as I give final thoughts and one last look into the season premiere.

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