Monday, May 17, 2010

Bowser's Castle Theory

Now in my previous review I mentioned a theory I had created but unfortunately I realized today, I never explained it. Because the town of Springfield is never in the same place twice (can border Kentucky one episode, be close to Mexico, be 500 miles away from Mexico, over 2000 miles away from Miami, etc.) I thought to myself, "Why bother thinking of an actual location for this place when I can allow suspension of disbelief to make me accept it." So while thinking about it, I coined the term "Bowser's Castle Syndrome" as in: "A building or location that is never in the same place twice and can move to whatever location a person desires". the idea came from Paper Mario when Bowser has his castle in space and he was able to fly it down to earth to take Peach's castle. It just makes a lot more sense than actually trying to come up with an actual location and it just helps me to see Springfield as a more realistic place. You may not agree but it's just an opinion.

If you have a similar idea, just post your own theory with a brief explanation.

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