Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Before this Sunday's new episode, I have prejudice against it to begin with. I honestly do not care for American Idol and I don't understand why people love American Idol so much. I do find it sad though that some American idol fans would rather pay attention week in and week out about their favorite contestant and vote for him/her a thousand times and yet if asked about what their congressman stands for they draw a blank. It's not just Idol i dislike though, there is no reality show that I care for and really TV has gone down the crapper since reality TV. Hopefully this week's episode does not shove the whole Idol thing into my face and I might like it. After this week's episode I will give a "season in review" review and then go back and give reviews and grade for every season 21 episode I missed. Afterward I plan on something special for the summer for you all to read. See you all later.

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