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"Hate Month" Moms I'd Like to Forget

Black: Kriken
Purple: RBY

Before I even start this discussion with RBY, I want to say one thing about the title. Yes I get the joke put in there (MILF) no it's not funny. Whether that was intentional or not (Although given it's Brian Kelley who wrote this) it's rather stupid and doesn't make this any less shitty.

Look, can we finish this. I want my cat back!

Fine, how about the first dream sequence. It just seemed to go on and on with no real purpose other than "Bart wins"

Oh, there was purpose: padding. Not only were there two dream sequences (both of which were amazingly long), but also the theme song was amazingly long (a minute and a half). In the past, commentaries have mentioned that they use a longer version of the theme song and a longer couch gag when there's not enough material for the required 23 minutes.

Yeah, but a 1 and a half minute opening sequence is now the norm. So Bart knocks out unknown fifth grader and apparently gravity doesn't exist when the writers don't want it there. Your thoughts?

That, or physics in general. I'm pretty sure if the ball was able to rebound that high, that fifth-grader would have a serious bruise. In the time it took for it to come down, more than a few things happened, after all - interviews, t-shirt, the Gatorade a sidenote, Kriken, does Kelley ship Nelson/Edna?

... You're just trying to torture me now aren't you?

You stole my cat and made me watch this crap. If anything, I'm just trying to get even.

You'll see him soon enough. Anyways, onto what the writers call a plot lead-in. Only positive thing I could think of was the teacher's room brawl. At first it was funny, but after Skinner's role, it really wore itself thin. On a side, nice of the writing staff to remind us that one of their own gave us Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Not their wisest move. I have a question though. After the revelation of the twin scars (which are somehow EXACTLY the same), do the fourth-graders and fifth-graders ever resolve their differences?

Tsk tsk tsk, you're expecting competency from this writing staff RBY. Of course, the first act is ENTIRELY pointless to the rest of the episode. You could have literally put in a scene of Bart running into that guy and they both notice their scars and it would have worked just as well.

It's sad when the fanfic writer and the amateur reviewer can see the plot holes and figure out a better substitute than the professional writers.

Sad but true, anyways onto what we should be caring about. Betcha you didn't know that photo albums were meant to be kept in bathrooms? Did you?

Oh, yes, right next to my copy of War and Peace and underneath my disco ball. Doesn't everyone? ...Well, point is, they manage to ruin a lot of moments we're meant to take seriously through 'jokes'. Another good example would be the 'bad influence' jokes. I'd say it was so over-the-top, it was funny, but 'funny' isn't the word I'm looking for.

Agreed, but one thing I want to note now that was a common theme throughout Marge's subplot: Every time we saw Marge with her friends (Names unknown) they were always sitting. They would sit and talk, sit and have their nails done, sit and drink wine, sit and eat, etc. They couldn't possibly have them play croquet, walk along a neighborhood, or do something exciting at all.

None of the characters introduced here were named - one was name-dropped (Anita), but we don't even know which one Anita was. I know that, given the circumstances here, trying to give the names could feel shoehorned, but it would've given SOMETHING, seeing as none of the characters had anything memorable about them.

I sorta disagree, Marge could have easily introduced Bart to the mothers in the photo album scene seeing as how he seemed to forget that portion of his life. But I digress, moving on. There was only one character I actually liked; the father that hated Homer's antics was quite possibly the best character in a while, only because he didn't take any of Homer's forced 'comedy'.

He could be the next Frank Grimes (except, y'know, alive)! Now, moving on, what follows is a lot of conversation between the families as they catch up (speaking of which, who's taking care of Lisa and Maggie?). Now, I can see why Homer and Bart don't like hanging out with the families, and then I can see why Homer doesn't like Marge hanging out (she keeps him up late). And then Bart decides he'll make Marge stop seeing the others - wait, what?

Because the boys dared Bart to stuff remotes in his mouth... at home... where they can't see it happen...

Ignoring that, he can just stop seeing them. The closest explanation I think we get for trying to split up the mothers is 'but you don't act like yourself! You're happy!' (paraphrased).

Material for dethroning moments of suck ladies and gentlemen.

It doesn't help that, in a sense, they've done this premise before. For those who have never seen 'Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield', let me try to sum it up: Marge makes new friends at a country club, but the rest of the family doesn't fit in. However, rather than let Marge be unhappy, they're willing to go along with it, even as she starts acting meaner to her family. Compare to Bart's behavior in this episode, in which he's actively seeking to sabotage her relationship for no particular reason.

You're comparing season 7 to season 22, that's like comparing a gold brick to roadkill. Anyways, per quota, Comic Book Guy is shoehorned into this to explain to Bart how he got his scar so this episode could be wrapped up.

On the other hand, they at least tried to justify his appearance (easy to blackmail, had a reason to know the details of the event). The story's pretty unlikely, and the animation - well, let's put it like this: there's 'miscoloring Lisa's pearls' and then there's 'forgetting he's in front of a PROJECTOR'. Guess which one's far less excusable?

Miscoloring is 'bad editing', the projector error is 'not giving a fuck'. People who've read my original review know how I feel about the backstory, so I won't talk about it again. All I have to end on is the stupid as all hell breaking up scene between Marge and the moms. Two things: one, grow up Brian Kelley; two, would it have been so hard to animate a scene of what happened after the fireworks to show us why Marge split from the group?

I guess so. This scene kinda reinforces my view that Brian Kelley has some problems with women. I just don't see how the hell he's been allowed to write five whole episodes!

And now we're done. We'll never speak of Brian Kelley again, here's your cat and I'll see you again later.

*hugs Damien* .....hey, wait. We did four episodes; I mentioned there's five. Any reason we skipped over his worst?

All in due time RBY, all in due time...

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