Monday, July 25, 2011

A Deeper Look At: Elementary School Musical

And the shit has hit the fan now. The other episodes were pretty bad, but now the episodes go into mind torture as these are all very terrible.

Issue #1: The entire subplot
Where to begin? Okay first off, the subplot begins in such an implausible way that I made a statement in my original text review that the episode jumped the shark almost immediately. I still stand by that statement as it's just so stupid and lubricious that nobody (with a functioning brain) could take the episode seriously after that. And yet the writers continue on with the idea that Krusty won a Nobel Peace Prize being totally serious about it and thinking that we should to.
You mean that I didn't win a Nobel Peace Prize? That's just unrealistic and wrong.
It's just insulting, even as a parody of the Nobel Peace Prize, this still would have probably fell flat. So Krusty goes to Holland where he was brought there to be tried for crimes he committed against Europe. Krusty finds out that he needs to prove that he made a contribution to Western Culture to be exonerated. Okay let's just take a moment to realize just how stupid that idea is:
  1. He is more or less being tried for ruining European culture so he needs to prove that he's helped it in some way. And in other news, pedophiles can be freed if they ran a daycare center that worked.
  2. Why they just couldn't look this up themselves BEFORE they brought Krusty over is beyond me. Nope instead they made a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize to extradite a person whose crimes are so petty, that he should be fined at worst for his actions.
  3. The crimes are pretty stupid themselves. It's not even like they made good jokes, they were just lazy. There are so many other things Krusty HAS done that could get him extradited. Tainted burgers, dangerous products, et cerera....
Please tell me that Bart's going to start watching Doctor Who instead of this episode
So after a drawn out session of Homer and Bart looking for a clip to save Krusty (Padding at it's worst) Krusty is about to be put away until Bart and Homer find a disc that gives Krusty his freedom. Really in the end this subplot was stupid, pointless and not entertaining at all. I never got the feeling that I should care nor that I should laugh at any particular scene.

Issue #2: Lisa's attitude
Okay, I have two issues here, so I just broadened this one. First off, her attitude between Bart going with Krusty to Europe and her arriving at the camp bugs me. Her bitching really comes out of nowhere and does not make us want to care about her. You should know by now that I like Lisa a lot, but after that, all bets were off and I couldn't care less about her stupid music camp. She just seemed to want to find things to bitch about. Note to the writers, bitchy whiners are not endearing to the audience, it does not make us want to care about them and when something bad happens to them, we feel nothing. I don't think I could remember a person who actually cared about what happened to her in this episode, and I remember that this episode made people roll their eyes when they found out about the next Lisa-centered episode.
Oh woe is you, being the smartest, most talented person of Springfield is not enough for you?
Next was her attitude after she was picked up from camp. I can understand her being upset about losing friends and having to leave a great experience, but she milks it far too long. She even goes as far as to not even want to be expressive outside of camp just because there aren't other people like her around her. Uh news flash writers, SHE WAS CREATIVE EVEN BEFORE THIS EPISODE! It really pisses me off how the writers think that she COULD think that way. It's made even worse by the idea that we should feel bad for her not being able to be expressive. Like I said, she isn't likable in this episode and the very notion that she's meant to be sympathetic here is just wrong.
Pity her! She couldn't possibly be creative on her own, that would require a brain... wait

Issue #3: Jokes? There were jokes?
What was entertaining about this one? Where were the jokes? Where was the thing to keep our attention? They were non-existent. For the sake of argument, I'm just going to bullet point the 'jokes' I didn't like or flat out hated. I'd go into more detail, but you'll just have to take my word that these are bad.
  • Homer's actions for the Noble Peace Prize announcements
  • Krusty's speech for going to Europe to accept his award
  • Homer's 'Laughter' towards Krusty explaining his joke
  • The Marines singing the Itchy and Scratchy Show theme
  • Lisa listening to her Ipod (Was that meant to be a joke?)
  • Maggie's 'Cigar pacifier'
Surely this song will sell dozens of copies on ITunes
  • The camp song (My ears bled after this)
  • The 'Singing what they said' by the counselors
  • The 'Heckling' training
  • 'Sprooklyn'
  • The campfire song
  • Bringing in Stephen Hawkings to rap
Oh the hilarity... are the snipers in position yet?
  • The camera joke
  • "Stuck behind the joggers from the fat camp"
  • The Roofi CD
  • The bullies scene
  • Bart and Homer looking for a clip to help Krusty
  • The signs for 'Sprooklyn' (Spanhattan, The Spronx, Spueens, and Spaten Island)
  • "Little squirt" (Although I think they may have had that joke be bad on purpose)
  • Putting "Euro" in front of everything (See original review)
YES! Please arrest the writers and the rest of this staff for this abomination
  • "We're region 1! We're region 1!"
  • Krusty leaving the performance
  • Trying to integrate Nelson Mandela into this (Okay that's not a joke, but an insult to intelligence)
  • Krusty and the judge's conversation
  • 'Sprubway' (Okay... seriously?)
  • The dropping of the sandwich
I wish I could go into more detail, but considering how many I listed, that wouldn't be a good idea. In short, there were MANY more terrible jokes than there were good ones and it really made this episode bad. I probably placed this too low and it should have probably been around 2 or 3, but I can't change it now and the other ones are pretty bad as well. (Also apologies for using almost all the pictures I had in my original review, I just felt like they fit in this one)

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  1. I just hate the fact that this episode's a musical, that 'brings out Lisa's creativity'.