Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I felt there were some issues I needed to address this week and I felt that I should address them now.
  1. I know there's no post scheduled for Friday December 24, I instead will make a Christmas post as mentioned on my schedule. 
  2. There will be no post on Monday December 27, I know I said there would be one, but so far I have been forced to cancel it, maybe I will do it, but don't get your hopes up. 
  3. The blog will be titled differently for reasons you will soon see. 
  4. I will be reevaluating all my reviews to date, this means that an episode that I already assigned a grade, could be given a different grade or a list may be altered. I hope you can accept this change
  5. Lastly, my editor (RBY) has decided to create a different segment which I hope you will enjoy and give as much respect to RBY as you do to me.
With all that out of the way, I will see you all after Christmas

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