Monday, October 25, 2010

Treehouse of Horror XXI preview

With there being a baseball game in place of an episode this week, I decided that I will take a look at the next Treehouse of Horror episode and try to give an opinion based on the plots and what the poster has to offer. I will probably feel different when the episode actually airs, but I'd like to discuss this anyways.

First off, a look at the poster itself. Let's see: the top segment is Homer pointing a gun while Marge looks on; the middle is Lisa and a "Vampire" looking at each other like they're in love; and the bottom consists of Bart and Milhouse playing a game that I swear is Jumanji combined with Risk.

The first segment is titled War and Pieces. In it, Bart and Milhouse play a board game that apparently causes them to play the game in real life and won't allow them to stop until they beat it. Yeah, this sounds exactly like a Jumanji ripoff, but it sounds like it'd be an interesting concept nonetheless. I just hope that the writers are able to execute this.

The second segment is titled Tweenlight, and it's a story where Lisa is Bella (I died a little just typing that) and she meets up with "Edmund"; the rest just seems to be a Twilight parody. Okay, show of hands: who is sick and tired of all these Twilight parodies? I'm not saying this series doesn't deserve to be bashed, but enough is enough; my editor, a HUGE Twilight hater, is sick of all the parodies and feels like this "saga" does not deserve any more attention (Seriously, folks, at this point, unless you can add something new, or you see Breaking Dawn and are a reviewer, just quit it. I want to see it DIE already). And really? Lisa as Bella? (The one character who has SHOWN that she's smart and loves books? ...Wow, I'm a hypocrite. I'm going to go smack myself now.) The only way a character could be further miscast than this would be having Lovejoy be portrayed as Hannibal Lecter (Just to top you: NED FLANDERS). I just feel like this is going to be a segment where I will bang my head on my desk and hate it (Not that he won't try to keep an open mind. Otherwise, I'm going to edit HIM).

The final segment is titled Master and Cadaver. The synopsis says Marge and Homer find a guy who they suspect is sabotaging their vacation, and they decide to take matters into their own hands (I assume they kill him). It sounds like an interesting story and I look forward to seeing how Roger attempts to ruin their good time.

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