Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 5 Treehouse of Horror Episodes: #4

Treehouse of Horror III:
This episode has one of my favorite segments of all time and the other two segments are pretty strong and carry this episode into the #4 spot on our countdown.

After our opening that shows that Homer is fatter than Alfred Hitchcock (That was meant by the writers) we see Homer giving the obligatory warning to children that this will be a scary episode. We then see the trademark tombstones followed by the couch gag of Simpsons Skeletons *snicker*. I've always found the idea that the kids hair isn't styled that way but their hair is literally bone. We then begin with a Halloween party at the Simpson residence where Lisa decides to tell a scary story about a doll that comes to life.

Clown Without Pity
The story begins with Bart's Birthday where we find out that Homer forgot to get Bart a present forcing him to run out and get a quick present. Homer then goes into a "House of Evil" (No seriously it's called "The House of Evil", subtle aint it?) inside, Homer is sold an evil Krusty doll and a frogurt by the evil cousin of that shop manager from Gremlins. When Homer gives Bart the doll, Grampa calls it evil but Marge says that he's called all the presents evil. Homer then starts playing with the doll a bit where he hears the doll say he'll kill him. The doll tries to kill him with a knife but the family comes out and sees Homer in fear. Homer tries to convince them the doll tried to kill him but they wave it off. After Krusty laughs evilly some more, we see the doll try to harpoon Homer while he's taking  a bath causing him to run naked in front of Patty and Selma at the table. Homer decides to take care of his problem by taking the doll, shoving into a bag of dirty socks, stuffing it into a trunk, trying the trunk up in chains and tossing the trunk into a bottomless pit. However, this backfires as the doll gets out (Somehow) and attaches himself to the car and tries to kill Homer again. Marge sees this and calls customer support to tell them about it, to which they play a song essentially mocking her. A guy comes out and reveals that the doll was set on the evil setting (Well the doll in the Twilight Zone killed the man so they couldn't go in that direction). The segment ends with Homer turning the doll into his personal slave and Krusty heading back home to his Malibu Stacy Wife.
It's either this or an evil Mogwai

King Homer
The segment begins with Grampa telling this tale after Homer fails to tell a scary story himself. Marge goes to meet Mr. Burns where she inquires about being King Kong bait, er I mean an assistant for his expedition. After Smithers makes a gay innuendo (I swear the writers were having fun with his sexuality before it became official) we then find out that they are going to Ape Island to capture a giant ape named Homer. While on the island, the natives spot Marge and use her as their sacrifice for Homer. After Homer loses a fight, he goes to see the sacrifice and decides to play with Marge a bit. Mr. Burns then orders his men to wound Homer which is about as effective as you would think. After Smithers knocks Homer out with a gas grenade, Mr. Burns praises him and watches him promptly get eaten by Homer. Mr. Burns then puts Homer on Broadway which gets a lot of media attention and a large crowd. After the media take multiple photos of Homer, he breaks out of his restraints and runs rampant amok Springfield. While in Mr. Burns' room, Marge gets kidnapped by Homer as he scales the building. Because he's so slow, the pilots are forced to land and wait for him to get to the top *Snickers*. We then find out that Homer is really out of shape as he's only scaled TWO FLOORS, damn, I've heard of lazy and then there's this. After Mr. Burns decides not to keep him, Marge decides to take care of Homer by marrying him. The segment ends with Homer eating Marge's father and Marge just waving it off like he forgot to pick up milk.
I have to scale HOW MANY floors?!

Dial Z for Zombies
This segment begins with Ned coming in as a headless zombie scaring everyone. This prompts Bart to tell the final story about a boy who found an evil book to raise the dead. The story begins with Bart failing his book report by reading a book intended for kindergartners. Bart is forced to find a new book as he finds the occult section in the library (What? Doesn't every library have this section? Mine does). Bart then finds the evil book (As the spirits inside tell him) and he decides to show it off to Lisa. Lisa is too sad though because it's the 4 year anniversary of Snowball 1's death (By the way, Snowball 1 is white, not black, but I'll let it slide because as mentioned earlier, continuity can be broken in Treehouse of Horror). Bart then finds a spell to raise Snowball 1 and the kids decide to use it. While attempting it, Bart raises the dead people from the cemetery next door instead of the pet cemetery. As Lisa and Bart race back home, the zombies decide to make Ned a zombie as well. When the kids tell Homer about what they did, he could care less because the car's okay (much to the shock of Bart and Lisa). After a few scenes of people becoming zombies, we see that Homer didn't barricade the door allowing zombies into their house. Homer decides to sacrifice himself, but the zombies decide against it because the implication is that he has no brain for them to feast on *Laughs* okay that was a great joke there. Homer gets upstairs where Lisa suggests they go back to the library to get a book to reverse the spell. As the family leaves, zombie Ned approaches Homer and Homer shoots him with his shotgun. Bart is surprised that Homer shot the zombie Flanders but Homer was unaware he was a zombie *Rolls on the floor laughing* okay, okay, this is perhaps the funniest joke ever in a Treehouse of Horror episode ever, it's so great. As the family gets to the library, we see Kang and Kodos laugh at Earth as it gets taken over by zombies. After Homer shoots his way to the library, Bart gets a book and accidentally turns Lisa into a snail. Bart reads the correct spell and all the zombies return to their graves. Quimby declares the town zombie free as the family is happy that they didn't turn into mindless zombies as we see the family watching TV while acting like zombies (Clever).
How can I tell my sister she looks like a snail?

This is a great Treehouse of Horror episode and helps exemplify why season 4 may be the best season of this show. The homage to the Twilight Zone for the first segment is great, and is even better if you watch the episode it's like. The King Kong parody was great and funny and truly helped make this one great. The last segment was one of the best segments ever with probably the best jokes in Treehouse of Horror. I would put this higher, but I couldn't push the 3 in front of it behind.

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