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Top 10 Treehouse of Horror Segments

This seems like an easy list right? I mean there have only been 60 segments and a lot of the segments past season 10 can be scratched off the list immediately right? Well I thought this would be an easy list, but there were quite a few segments I did not want to cut but had to in order to trim it to 10. These are the honorable mentions that you all remember, but just barely missed the cut.

Homega Man (THoH VIII)
Time and Punishment (THoH V)
Fly vs Fly (THoH VIII)
It's the Grand Pumpkin Milhouse (THoH XIX)
Dial M for Murder, Or Press # to Return to Menu (THoH XX)
*Yes this is a changed list from the original, but thinking it over, I decided that this list was what I really wanted in the first place. Don't get me wrong I like the old list, but I've had more time to think it over.

So let's begin our list now:

10. Nightmare Cafeteria (THoH V)
This is one I really enjoyed and I feel that a lot of other people enjoyed as well. This is probably one of the scariest segments of all time due to the theme of cannibalism and the idea of murdering kids. On top of that, the Simpsons children get killed in this segment (Okay they're saved by Bart waking up, but still). Great story and all around great segment.

9. Bart Simpsons' Dracula (THoH IV)
This is a great segment as well, this story is just great and the twist at the end seems like an episode of The Twilight Zone. This segment also puts in a great amount of humor to remind us that this show is a comedy and not a horror. The story is great and it's a great segment for a great Treehouse of Horror.

8. The Genesis Tub (THoH VII)
Forgiving for a moment that I've never seen the Twilight Zone episode this is based off of, this segment is just great. I really like the premise of being able to create life and civilization (Being God) but probably the way Lisa takes this is why I like this segment a lot. First off after adjusting her microscope (Pretty decent joke) she discovers that she created life, so what could possibly distract her away from probably the biggest scientific discover since penicillin? Waffles! I'm dead serious, that just cracks me up every time that she thinks higher of waffles than she does of creating life. There are other memorable moments in this and all together a great segment.

7. Dial Z for Zombies (THoH III)
This is a great horror segment to help establish this part of the show early.This is probably one of the better zombie stories outside of the George Romeo movies and George Romeo inspired movies (I'm probably going to get about a dozen example of better zombie stories, but don't forget. This is my opinion, I can't compare this to something I haven't seen). But a lot of you remember this segment for one particular joke.
Bart: Dad! You just shot the zombie Flanders!
Homer: He was a zombie?

6. Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace (THoH VI)
Yeah I'm a sucker for Freddy Krueger inspired stories, especially if they're written well. This is one of those cases. As I've already said, I believe that Freddy is one of, if not the scariest horror movie villain of all time. Why? He can kill you were you cannot hide or protect yourself. I mean in real life, if a guy like this chased you down, you could call the police, in your dreams, he IS the police. Anyways, loved the story and I felt it was deserving of this spot.

5. Terror at 5 1/2 Feet (IV)
This is the first Twilight Zone inspired segment on this list, but that doesn't mean that they weren't good enough to make this list. It just means wait later for more. Like most Twilight Zone inspired segments, it takes the source material and really takes advantage of the scare factor and scenarios the protagonists are put in. This is a great segment and the ending is a scared-shitless moment as Bart sees the gremlin holding the severed head of Ned Flanders. Very good segment and I'm sure you all liked this one as well.

4. The Thing and I (THoH VII)
This is the perfect example of how even though this part of the show isn't cannon with the series, that doesn't make it any less dramatic. This is a great story about Bart and his "Evil Twin" (Yeah, yeah it's been done a million times. But it's been done a million times because it's great) and how Bart himself is the evil twin. I really enjoyed this segment and felt like it was THoH at its best with the writing.

3. The Devil and Homer Simpson (THoH IV)
Let me begin with one thing; NED FLANDERS AS THE DEVIL. If that's not good enough to justify it being here, the story is great and the jokes are spectacular. This was the best segment in one of the best THoH episodes of all time. To this day, I like to reference Ned as the Devil because as he said "It's always the one you least suspect". I just have to say that it's brilliant because the Devil is always up to trickery and would do anything to lull people into a false sense of security.

2. Clown Without Pity (THoH III)
Move out of the way Chucky, Talkin' Tina is far more frightening in my opinion. Yeah another Twilight Zone inspired segment, but this really does take the fear of a killer doll and mixes it with a good amount of humor to make this a great segment. The story is great and showing how Homer seems insane to everyone else while he live in fear of a doll is just great. I just want to close on why I think Talkin' Tina is scarier than Chucky. Chucky was an evil doll that wouldn't die I know, but basically everyone knew he was evil and wanted to kill them. Talkin' Tina seemed like a piece of plastic and not until the stepfather died did anyone realize she was evil and by that point, the family was screwed.

1. The Shinning (THoH V)
Here's Homer! This is the best segment of all time and for a good reason, it's written greatly, the homage to The Shining is great and the jokes are great to complement the scare factor. The story is great and this is a great segment to watch whenever. It was very fun to find all the references to The Shining and the ending to this segment was just great.

Well I hope you enjoyed my top 10, you may not agree with them all, but hey you gotta admit. Treehouse of Horror is a great part of this show and there's going to be the next installment next Sunday, maybe one of the segments might be an honorable mention. *Flashes Tweenlight image* Or maybe I'm going to hang myself before the review is over. I'm Kriken and I will see you all next Monday for my THoH 21 review.

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