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Top 50 Episodes: 21-30

30. Mother Simpson (Season 7 Episode 8)

This is probably one of the most heart-touching stories for The Simpsons and only a wrong entry could prevent them from winning an award for best show that year.

The story begins with Mr. Burns having all his employees clean up a highway on a Saturday. Homer gets out of it by faking his death in front of his co-workers. Everyone is Springfield tries to comfort Marge because they think Homer's dead. After the power gets cut because Homer's not around to pay the bills (Odd, I thought the bill would get transferred to Marge's name) Homer goes down to the the hall of records to get his file changed back to living. While there, he reads that his mother's alive but thinks that she's dead and finds out that the gravestone that he thought was his mom's was Walt Whitman's (Who knew he was buried in Springfield?) After Homer falls into his intended burial plot, a woman scolds him for desiccating her son's grave, we then find out that she's Mona Simpson. Homer then invites Mona back to his house where he introduces her to the family (To everyone's shock). Homer then shows Mona around and is happy to have his mom back in his life. Later Mona reveals to Lisa that she was smart as well assuring Lisa that she did get her smarts from her parents. Lisa gets a bit suspicious though when Mona runs inside right before a police car goes by, she decides to talk to Bart in the basement, and it turns out that Mona has multiple fake IDs and they come to the conclusion that Mona's a con artist. The family then decides to confront Mona and she reveals that she's on the lam for destroying Mr. Burns germ laboratory after becoming a hippie after looking at Joe Namath's hair (Yeah, looking at Joe Namath makes me want to gouge my eyes out). Homer then asks why Mona never tried to contact him and she says she did and takes him down to the post office to show all the undelivered mail for him. Mr. Burns immediately recognizes Mona based on a 25 year old Wanted poster but then misses her. Mr. Burns then contacts the FBI and has them search for her again (I know it's a stupid question to ask but hasn't the statute of limitations passed for a crime like this and for that matter, what prosecutor would charge her with that crime now?) Later, Grampa barges into the Simpson house and finds Mona to which they have a small conversation about what Mona did. Later, Mona helps Bart and Lisa Tye-dye some shirts and they bond some more (Followed by a scene of Maggie being a baby hippie. Uh Mona, you may want to keep your brownies to yourself). Burns and the FBI find out that Mona visited the cemetery and they find out through Patty and Selma that she visited Homer's grave. Mona contemplates living in Springfield as Homer gets a call and brings Mona out of the room. As Mr Burns approaches the Simpson house, he barges in and it turns out Mona and Homer escaped. It turns out that Homer received a call from Clancy warning them because Mona's antibiotics cured his asthma and allowed him to join the police. Mona bids farewell to Homer as Homer just sits on his car for hours saddened by the lose of his mother again.
That's not what I meant when I said you were digging your own grave son
Why it's here:This is a very heartwarming episode that allows us to attach ourselves to another member of the Simpson family. It's just a shame she didn't appear in many episodes and she was killed off recently. The plot is great, the writing for a man who just rediscovered a lost family member is superb. Not much to complain about.

29. Hurricane Neddy (Season 8 Episode 8)
This is an interesting episode detailing the weird past of Ned Flanders that doesn't seem to be a retcon whatsoever.

The story begins with Lisa finding out a hurricane is going to hit Springfield soon using her weather instruments (That she keeps outside her window apparently, whatever, moving on). Marge and Lisa then head over to the Kwik-E-Mart to get supplies as everyone else is there and they are forced to take stuff that wont help them. Back home, Homer and Bart start to board up a window with their door and Ned offers them shelter, but Homer refuses. When Lisa and Marge get back they all head into the cellar. During the hurricane we get our fair share of weather gags involving wind. After it seems over, Homer goes outside just to discover it's just the eye of the hurricane and a tornado goes specifically after him. After Marge prays for the hurricane to be over, it ends and the family is shocked that their house is in perfect condition. Next door however, Ned's house (Which was hurricane ready) is completely destroyed. After locating everyone from the wreckage, the Flanders go to the church to stay there for a while. After Ned tempts fate (Leftorium gets looted after saying it's his way back) Ned asks Lovejoy if God's punishing him and later he gets a papercut while trying to read the bible for answers. Ned then goes into a point where most people of faith go earlier; Questioning why God is doing what he's doing (I had that moment when my Grandfather died). Later, Marge gets the Flanders to go back to their house to show them the town rebuilt his house. After Ned tours the house to illustrate what a crappy job they did, it collapses. Ned then in a fit of rage yells at the townspeople for being incompetent and points out some of their flaws as well. Ned then drives off to Calmwood Mental Hospital to commit himself. After he gets escorted to his room kicking and screaming (Okay more screaming than kicking) Dr. Foster is called and he comes over to talk to Ned. It turns out that Ned was a bad boy who was sent to Foster to become a good boy. After some "therapy" Ned becomes good but is unable to express anger outside of his diddlys (Guess he was cussing out Homer all those seasons). Dr. Foster then suggests that he bring in Homer to try to anger Ned so that Ned will be able to express his anger better. After a few failed tests, it turns out that Ned hates his parents and is now able to express his anger better. Everyone comes to the hospital to welcome Ned back as he jokingly says he'll kill them all.
Why it's here: This is a great Flanders episode that allows us to understand him better. The writing is great and the plot of a man who's struggling to keep his faith is very worthwhile.

28. Bart the Mother (Season 10 Episode 3)
This is a nice story about Bart taking responsibility after doing something wrong. The writing for this episode is very good and memorable.

The story begins with the family going to "Family Fun Center" because Marge thinks her kids were recognized by a phony publication. We then see the family go on the go karts as we find out Marge is a conservative driver and Lisa will have road rage when she grows up. Homer then goes into the batting cage where he gets wailed by the balls after missing the first two. After Nelson steals some tickets, he redeems them for a BB gun which Bart asks Nelson if he can play with it sometime. Marge immediately tells Bart to stay away from Nelson because he's a troubled, lonely, sad little boy. Bart then decides to go to Nelson's anyways despite Lisa telling him not to. At Nelson's, they decide to shoot some stuff in the back yard and Nelson decides that if Bart wants to use it he needs to shoot a bird. Bart tries to avoid hitting the bird, but ends up hitting it based on the "crooked sight". After he shoots it, he feels sorry and hates himself for shooting the bird. Back home, Homer calls for Bart to help him where Lisa then gets nervous and tells Marge and Homer Bart's at Milhouse (Who immediately tells Homer Bart's at Nelson's). Marge goes over to Nelson's as Homer punishes Lisa by having her go to the Kwik-E-Mart to get him chips and beer (And something for herself). After a dream sequence (Where Bart gets convicted of bird slaughter) Marge gets there to pick Bart up and she finds out about the dead bird and is just disappointed with Bart instead of punishing him. After Marge leaves him there, Bart discovers the bird had eggs in the nest and he decides to care for them. Bart goes to the library to decide how to take care of the eggs as he hears an instructional video from Troy McClure (It should be noted that this was Phil Hartman's last speaking role on The Simpsons as he had died after recording the lines for this episode. A very tragic loss for fans and Hollywood). Bart decides to set up a nest for the eggs in the treehouse using a set of extension cords for the lightbulb. After a montage of Bart taking care of the eggs, Marge gets suspicious and barges into the treehouse finding out about the eggs and she becomes proud of Bart. The eggs start to hatch as they bring them into the house for them to be born. They then hatch and reveal that they are lizards instead of birds. Bart thinks they're birds but Lisa points out they're lizards (he thinks they're birds because they came from a bird's nest). The family decides to go to the bird watching club where it turns out they are Bolivian Tree Lizards and they eat birds. After we find out that Apu accidentally brought them in, Skinner decides he needs to take them away from Bart. Marge gives Bart time to run away as she holds up Skinner and the club. After they chase him to the ceiling, Bart toss them off the roof where they fly away. As it turns out, the lizards eat pigeons and everyone is happy for it. Bart gets a reward from the Mayor and Lisa questions why Bart was saddened by the death of 1 bird when he's happy about killing thousands of birds. After Bart thinks about it for 1 second as he calls front seat.
We miss you Phil Hartman. RIP man
Why it's here: This is a very sweet episode that shows a side of Bart we don't normally see. The plot seems a bit ridiculous but the writing and the jokes easily make the plot look much better in the episode than it does on paper.

27. Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood (Season 5 Episode 8)
This is a weird episode but at the same time an awesome episode. This really defines that an episode from this show can be good with funny jokes and a plot that makes you scratch your head.

The story begins after Bart and Milhouse are kicked out of an arcade after they run out of money. However they get lucky after a $20 bill that Homer found under the couch flies in their direction. They decide to use the money for super squishee  made entirely of syrup that cause them to go on the best sugar high ever! During their high, they decide to spend their night Broadway style and start singing while doing stuff (I'll let it slide, the music for the show pre-season 9 was very good). Afterwards, he wakes up in his bed with a sugar hangover with Lisa on the side of the bed so she can reveal he joined the scouts while he was high (Big deal, I once joined the ACLU while drunk, didn't last too long). After Bart admits to his family he's going to try to get out of it, we see that Milhouse got a swear word shaved into his hair. After Bart decides to return the scout stuff after school, he decides to stay in it because he can skip a pop quiz to attend the meeting. After Bart tries escaping his sponge bath duties, he's given CPR and Almost leaves until the promise of a knife temporarily keeps him there. He decides he doesn't need a knife until he realizes that today was irony day in Springfield. Bart yet again thinks about leaving because he's given a rubber knife, but stays because he learns how to trap "Wild animals" (Which he uses on Homer of course). After an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon (Where Bart points out stuff a scout would know and Lisa uses "It doesn't have to be realistic" *Cue 2nd Homer walking by*) we find out that there's going to be a father-son rafting trip. Bart doesn't want Homer to go with him so he tries to use reverse psychology but they both use reverse psychology and Homer agrees to go. Bart and Homer gets paired up with Ned and Todd much to Homer's distaste. Homer accidentally loses the map and they get separated from the rest of the group as they go the wrong way and get swept out to sea. After some funny bits about how they're screwed, we see the group get deep into the jungle where they're surrounded by natives. They then see a plane and Homer accidentally shoots it down with a flare gun and the pilot is immediately saved by another plane who doesn't notice them. We see that they are basically at death's door when all of a sudden Homer smells burgers and they get to a Krusty Burger where they are saved. The main group is left at Crystal Lake where they get attacked by Jason Voorhees.
Oh God, what did I do last night Lise?!
Why it's here: This is a great episode about Bart. The inclusion of Homer in the end was great as it allowed for Bart and Homer to settle their differences and work together and bond. The writing's great, the plot is right there with others from the golden era and the jokes are funny as hell.

26. Grade School Confidential (Season 8 Episode 19)
I like this episode because it introduced the whole Skinner-Krabappel relationship, which is one of my favorite outside the main characters.

The story begins with Martin inviting everyone in class to his birthday. Bart and Milhouse don't want to go, but decide that the alternatives are somehow worse. At the party Bart is shocked to see Mrs. Krabappel but realizes she has no authority over him there. Skinner then sits next to Edna and begins talking to her about their lives and they realize how boring their lives are. After Agnes finds Skinner there, Edna takes Skinner into Martin's playhouse to hide. Everyone at the party then starts to get sick from the oysters that were served. Bart then sees Seymour and Edna kissing in the dollhouse during the aftermath of the tainted oysters. After Bart almost spills the beans to his classmates about what he saw, Seymour and Edna bribe Bart with a new permanent file to keep their secret from everyone. Edna and Seymour then have dinner with each other and they are much peppier the next day. After Seymour gives Bart a note to give to Edna, Seymour and Edna almost get busted by Chalmers at the movies until they bring Bart along to see it with them. The next date, Seymour tells Bart to keep Agnes company while they go out. After Edna sends Bart to Seymour and Seymour comes back with a message, Bart gets P.Oed and decides to expose them in front of everyone. He then shows them making out in a closet and Seymour dismisses school. After the kids all exaggerate what they saw Edna and Seymour doing, Chalmers fires them and tells them to leave by 3. Bart tells Seymour to stick up for himself, so he barricades himself, Bart and Edna in the school while Bart gets the media to come to Springfield Elementary. After a long standoff between Seymour & Edna vs Springfield, Seymour charges out with a fake bomb. He tries to defend himself against Chalmers and admits that the children were lying and he's a virgin. After a stunned reaction from Springfield, Chalmers gives them their jobs back and Seymour and Edna head back to their closet.
Kiss her you fool, there may never be a better time
Why it's here: This is a great episode about Seymour and Edna, I was really disappointed when the show decided to break them up. The plot is great, the writing is great and the jokes are really funny.

25. Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Season 15 Episode 12)
I will not give any higher praises to an episode past season 10 than I will this one. Next to "Lisa on Ice" this is my favorite Bart-Lisa episode.

The story begins with the forth grade doing on a field trip to the museum of Television where Milhouse starts acting up against Mrs. Krabappel. Meanwhile, we see Homer, Lenny, and Carl act up as Mr. Burns decides to send them to Moe's to prevent the board of directors from seeing them (Say doesn't that sound familiar?) After Milhouse suggests they stray away from the tour, we see Apu and Manjula enter as they are celebrating their anniversary. Homer is embarrassed because what he's planning on getting Marge is inferior to what Apu's giving Manjula. After Bart questions Milhouse's behavior, he admits he doesn't care how people think of him and he destroys more stuff. Back to Homer, he get's thrown out of Moe's where people think he's homeless and give him money. Milhouse later admits to Bart that he's moving to Capital City and Bart is shocked and doesn't want to see him go. When Homer returns, he brings Marge back some flowers and they both pass out (Which pleases Lisa because they aren't fighting). After an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon we see Lisa laughing but Bart's not (Okay that makes it 4 times Bart didn't laugh for an I&S and Lisa did it once). Bart gets sadder after playing with Ralph went nowhere. Homer gets the idea of panhandling some more to get the money to buy Marge a set of diamond earrings. After another bum helps Homer out, he goes to buy Marge the earrings and we see Bart taken to the airport to go to Capital City. At Milhouse's we see that Milhouse changed and is now cool. Back home, Bart watches old videos of him and Milhouse having fun and being sad over the fact that it's a distant memory. Marge suggests that Bart help Lisa wash the car where we have Lisa soak Bart in the crotch and he retaliates with a sponge and then they have fun (Just like a real brother and sister). Marge then questions what Homer's been doing but he distracts her with diamonds. After Homer and Marge send the kids away, they find a hidden cave that leads to an Indian burial ground. When inside they decide to make it their secret and Bart gets some spiders in his hair. Later we see Homer still panhandling as the bums are angry he's still doing it after he got what he wanted. Back home, Bart and Lisa each are tempted by a friend to go with them but decide to stay home with each other. They both then realize that they are best friends with their sibling (Oh the horror). The next day, Bart and Lisa swing together on the swings as nobody can believe their eyes about Bart and Lisa being friends (That's the beauty of having a brother/sister you hate them one day, then the next, you're best of friends). Later, the bums show Marge what Homer's been doing and she's surprised but decides to keep the earrings and she demands he gets her a broach to "guilt" him. Later, Lisa goes to talk to Bart but Milhouse returns and Bart already told him about the burial ground which upsets Lisa. Later, Bart tells Homer and Lisa how embarrassing Milhouse has been and Lisa responds sarcastically and leaves the room. Homer knows she's upset and Bart needs to do something. Later, Bart sets up a game of Monopoly as Lisa doesn't want to play but Bart goes for her and shows her the card she got. After revealing Bart created the cards, Lisa picks one card to use and it turns out to be "One free hug" (The episode doesn't end their, but it should have, it was a FAR superior ending).
Let's face it Bart, when the show quits. I'm getting the spin-off
Why it's here: I LOVE this episode for the Bart-Lisa relationship, it was a very heartwarming episode and as a brother of an older sister, I can relate to everything about this. The writing's great, the plot is great, the jokes are okay but what makes it great are the heartwarming moments that make you go awwww.

24. You Only Move Twice (Season 8 Episode 2)
I know what you're thinking; "Why isn't this higher you bastard?!" Well I liked this episode, but I didn't love it as much as other people did. Don't get me wrong, I still love it.

The story begins with Homer getting an offer to work at Globex Corporation. Homer immediately accepts despite the fact he'd have to move. Marge and the family are hesitant at first but Homer says he wants to take the job because it would get him closer to his dream of owning the Dallas Cowboys (Bart and Lisa laugh at him). After a video of Cyprus Creek, Marge and the kids decide that they will move for the job. After failing to sell the house, Homer just puts puts an "Abandoned" board over the front door and they leave. During the trip out, they get goodbyes from everyone and Homer basically says "Up yours" to them after leaving. After admiring Cyprus Creek and their house for a bit, we're introduced to Hank Scorpio, perhaps the best Al Brooks character on this show. After a conversation between Homer and Hank, Marge finds out that she really doesn't have to clean up the house anymore. After some more funny dialogue between Hank and Homer (Seriously, he's funny every time he's on screen and he never gets pretentious) Homer's introduced to his team and his job is to motivate them. At school, Bart is put in the remedial class because he doesn't know cursive or anything else really. Back home, Marge gets a little depressed because she can't really do anything and she starts drinking a glass of wine (I know what she means, no work sounds perfect, but it gets to a point where you need purpose). After Bart meets everyone in the special-Ed class, we see Lisa frolicking in the woods appreciating the beauty of nature (Um Lisa, you're missing your classes now). Homer then takes the family to the shopping district where he buys Tom Landry's hat to try to get extra motivation. This doesn't work and Homer goes to ask Hank for hammocks so his workers can sleep. Hank then has a conversation with the UN and it turns out Hank's evil and wants to take over the world (OF COURSE!). Homer later stumbles upon Hank's evil lair where he has a giant laser pointing to the sky. After Marge has another glass of wine, we see Bart upset in his class and Lisa is allergic to everything in the woods. We cut back to Homer as Hank is attempting to kill "Mr. Bont" but fails as he escapes the lasers but is then tackled by Homer and shot to death (See, this is why Bond villains always fail, they never shoot him). At dinner, the family complain about Cyprus Creek and ask to go back to Springfield, Homer says no and leaves the table. Later, Homer asks Hank what he should do and Hank tells him to do what's best for his family (Hank then goes on a killing spree with a flamethrower). Back in Springfield, we find out Hank took over the east coast and he gave Homer the Denver Broncos instead of the Cowboys.
I can flame you right back internet trolls
Why it's here: Do I even need to explain this? This is one of the most popular episode, what I should be explaining is why it's so low. The jokes are great, the writing is great and Scorpio is very memorable.

23. Bart Sells his Soul (Season 7 Episode 4)
This is a great philosophical episode that explores Bart's psyche and just the eternal question of having a soul. The writing really does make this seemingly boring plot extremely interesting and funny.

The story begins with Bart playing a prank on the church by handing out fake hymnals. After the prank, Lovejoy finds out that Bart did it after Milhouse rats him out. During punishment, Milhouse reveals he ratted Bart out to save his soul, to which Bart replies that nobody has a soul and agrees to sell his own to Milhouse for $5. Later, Dr. Hibbert and his family go into Moe's thinking it's a family restaurant but leave almost immediately after seeing it on the inside. Moe decides he should make it into a family restaurant as his bar isn't making money. Bart then tries to trick Lisa with a growing dino sponge that doesn't grow too much. After he reveals he spent the $5 on that Lisa believes Bart made a bad move and he'll regret it (Lady, he has no soul how can he regret?*heyo!*) Bart then goes inside where both the dog and cat growl at him, he then goes to the Kwik-E-Mart where he can't open the automatic door and his breath doesn't fog up the ice cream display. As Moe is renovating he comes up with the name of "Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag" (I sure want to go to a place with the word feedbag in it). After an I&S show, we see Lisa laughing but Bart doesn't Lisa tests his sense of humor by injuring Homer by the stairs as Bart just stares at him expressionless. Bart goes to talk to Milhouse as Milhouse decides to sell Bart his soul back for $50 (Bart says no way). After Moe's commercial, Marge tucks Bart into bed but senses something different about Bart (If you'll excuse me, I have to go write down my soul on a piece of paper and put it in my SDB). Bart then has a dream about everyone playing with their soul except him and then he fails to get to the island because he doesn't have his soul to help him row to the island. The next night, the family goes to Moe's as we find out that Moe is ecstatic and happy now about his business. After getting their meals, Lisa says grace where she mocks Bart for his lack of a soul. This agitates Bart to go leave to get his soul back from Milhouse. After finding out Milhouse is at his Grandma's, we see Moe get more aggravated about what he has to do and he finally erupts in a fit of rage sending all the customers out of the restaurant. As Bart tries to get to Milhouse, his bike gets destroyed and he has to walk over 200 block to get to him. Moe changes the restaurant back to a bar as Homer points out he lost thousands and he'll lose even more with them as customers. When  Bart gets to Milhouse, he finds out that Milhouse sold Bart's soul to CBG for pogs. As Bart waits for CBG overnight, CBG reveals he sold Bart's soul to an anonymous buyer. Bart goes back home worrying that his soul is in the hands of a bad man. It turns out though that Lisa bought his soul and returns it to him. She says that Bart earned his soul through suffering and prayer and that he may not have had a soul before that. The episode ends with Bart having the other dream but this time with his soul.
All your soul are belong to me
Why it's here: This is a great episode where Bart searches for his soul and ends up learning more about himself than he though. The writing is great, the plot is very original and the jokes are great.

22. Lisa's Date with Density (Season 8 Episode 7)
A very odd episode as we see what happens when Lisa has a crush on the one person who is the polar opposite of her. But this isn't the best Lisa's boyfriend episode, we'll see that very soon.

The episode begins with Chalmers showing Seymour his new car and finds out that his metal H was stolen.  Meanwhile, Homer finds an auto-dialer and takes it so he can start a telephone scam. Seymour begins to check each locker one-by-one until he finds out it was Nelson who stole it. He then forces Nelson to return each stolen object back to their rightful owner, it's here where we see the first clue of Lisa having an interest for Nelson. After Nelson kicks Lisa, we see Homer set up the auto-dialer to call everyone in a scam where he gets a dollar from everyone who responds. As Lisa gets bored in band class (Mr. Largo has a bland voice, can you blamer her?) she looks out the window and sees Nelson tormenting Willie. This gets Lisa in trouble and she's forced in detention where she's forced to write on the chalkboard (And lampshade how Bart must not have arthritis in his wrists by now with all the chalkboard gags he's done). Nelson gives her a helpful suggestion and she takes it after realizing without it she's screwed. Lisa then stares at Nelson and realizes she has a crush on him. The next day, Lisa tells Milhouse about her crush and asks him to deliver a note to him. After Milhouse does, Nelson wails on him thinking that Milhouse wrote it. Lisa fesses  up to the note and tells him she likes him, she then invites him to her house. After she tries to put Snowball 2 in a carriage (Showing her off) Bart comes in and tells Lisa to stay away from him. After Frink tries to get his auto-dialer back (After he gets a call from it) Lisa goes over to Nelson's where we see his home and room are a dump. Marge then picks Lisa up and suggests that she can change Nelson because she was able to change Homer (Sure you did). Lisa then takes Nelson to "Wee Monsieur" to get him a new wardrobe to make him look better. Later, they go to an overview, and talk a bit about the view and the sky until Nelson kisses Lisa (awwww). After the break, we see the bullies come up and mock Nelson for being with Lisa, Nelson tells her to stand aside so he can take care of it. The bullies tell Nelson they're going to chuck rotten coleslaw at Skinner's house but Nelson declines because he wants to be with Lisa. Flanders then gets a series of calls from the auto-dialer and Maude tells him to unplug the phone. The bullies start chucking the coleslaw at the house, after some banter against Nelson, he shows up to help chuck the coleslaw. Skinner calls the police and the bullies split. Nelson goes to Lisa and seeks shelter from the police who barge in and shoot the auto-dialer and arrest Homer for having it. The next morning, Nelson looks at Skinner's house with Lisa as he accidentally admits he was there. Lisa decides she didn't change him and then breaks up with him. On her way home, she passes by Milhouse telling him about what happened with nelson and anyone could be the next "guy". This makes Milhouse jump for joy.
Lisa and Nelson sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I...
Why it's here: Like I said before, this is a great episode about one of the kids and their love interest. The plot is great, the writing is great and the jokes made it worth watching time and time again.

21. Black Widower (Season 3 Episode 21)
Another Sideshow Bob episode, is there truly a better character than him. Is there any character who you can name that hasn't had a bad episode like him? But yet again, this isn't the last time we'll see him on this list.

The story begins with Homer, Bart and Lisa watching "Dinosaurs" as Marge and Patty tell them that Selma is coming over with her new boyfriend from prison. Bart is ecstatic to have a prisoner as a potential uncle until he finds out it's Sideshow Bob. At dinner, everyone warms up to Sideshow Bob except Bart (I guess Bart loves Krusty so much that anyone who frames Krusty is eternally evil to Bart). At the beginning of dinner, we learn that when Sideshow Bob went to prison he was at first a seething cauldron of rage (Especially towards Krusty products). Sideshow Bob then wins an Emmy while in prison but is sedated by the guards after bickering with Krusty. Bob then reveals he's a conservative Republican and the prison system is too crowded. Bob sees hope after getting a letter from Selma and he decides to try to get parole early so he can get out and be with her. Sideshow Bob then proposes to Selma at the dinner table and she accepts despite Bart's objections. After a montage of Bob and Selma having fun together, we see Selma is happy and she brings her happiness over to the DMV. Later we see Sideshow Bob appear on the Krusty the Clown telethon and Krusty's forgiven Bob and even says he was better than Sideshow Mel (Who gets his first speaking role here). Bart is still adamant of the idea that Bob has changed despite the fact that Krusty forgave him. While Bob and Selma are planning their wedding, we find out that Selma lost her sense of taste and smell ~clue~ and she also got rich by buying stock in mace right before society crumbled. Later, we see Selma and Bob on a carriage ride as Selma leaves early to go watch McGyver. Bob admits he hates McGyver and this causes Selma to run off crying. While at the Simpsons, homer suggests that they do two separate things if they don't like what the other one's doing ~clue~. At the wedding, Bart hallucinates that Bob is death and is afraid of Bob moreso. At the reception we find out that Selma's quit smoking, except for after dinner and after McGyver ~clue~. During the car ride, we find out that Bob plans on killing Selma on their honeymoon. While watching a video from Selma, we find out that Bob is angry that his room didn't have a fireplace ~clue~. They move to a room with one where then the have sex (Ewwww). Bob then reminds Selma that McGyver's almost on and he turns on the gas right before he walks out. Bart realizes what's about to happen when Patty comes over and turns on McGyver. Bob is enjoying a cocktail when all of a sudden his room explodes. Bob gos back up to the room where Bart imitates Norma Bates and Selma slaps Bob for attempting to murder her. Bat explains to everyone all the clues and how he knew what Bob was planning. Wiggum takes him away as they decide to leave before they suffocate.
The newest reality show: Will you Marry Death for 1 Million Dollars?!
Why it's here: This is one of the best Sideshow Bob episodes made, but not THE best. The plot is great, the mystery looks like it was worked on hard in advance and the jokes and writing made the episode great.

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