Thursday, May 17, 2012

Final Thoughts on the Season Finale

So only a few days left of this trainwreck of a season. we've seen some highs (Holidays of Future Passed) we've seen some lows (Moe Goes From Rags to Riches, Politically Inept with Homer Simpson, The D'oh-Cial Network, etc) but in a few days, the nightmare will be over. So FOX has been desperate in the promos for this particular episode (Think of the 500th episode promos tenfold) and they have all looked like crap. The only people who I've seen like what was in the promos were Lady Gaga fans, but everyone else (Myself included) think they look awful. So as I said in my earlier preview, the story just looked awful (Seriously, Lady Gaga having physic powers, what?) but it wasn't until FOX released video promos that my suspicions were correct, here's the initial video:

So those of you who managed to keep your brains from escaping through your ears, you realized one important thing. This episode isn't about "The Simpsons meet Lady Gaga" it's about Lady Gaga, the main characters are second fiddle in their own show... The promo suggests that the episode is nothing more than a ratings grab and its main purpose is to have a famous person promote the show (If you go to the actual video, about 90% of the comments are from Lady Gaga's fans). 

One more video, this time a more behind the scenes

Thank you Mr. Groening for feigning interest, your check is in the mail. You also have to love how Lady Gaga is B.S.-ing her lines by saying how she's been a big fan of the show for years, then saying how the script is funny. Ms. Gaga, stop trying to convince us this won't suck, there's no hope. Finally, I love how the people laughed at "WE SHOULD GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND TALK... INCOGNITO!" There's no joke there. No wonder the writers think they don't suck, they have no sense of humor.

Before we go to my main point, I found two more promos that really assured my fears for this shitstorm:

Let's address the first one (Obviously). The writing in that one scene is just horrendous. The dialogue is simply dumb and what could have been a decent crying joke is ruined by the dialogue before the scene and the men after the scene. But it's out of context, so maybe the men would make more sense in context. But that would also be giving credit to Tim Long, the guy who wrote the bar rag episode this year and the Glee episode last season.

Second one now, I just want to pull out one of the quotes that rubbed me the wrong way

"By the way, there will be plenty more Gaga to gawk at: This is only one of 
18 outfits that she’ll wear in the episode, which airs May 20 on Fox."

Isn't it just nice to know that the important thing about this episode is how many different dresses the guest star will wear? Why wasn't this episode just called "Lady Gaga and Friends"? Would have made a lot more sense. 

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without seeing the promo art as well. Which FOX decided that the Edna-Ned episode didn't need a card, but this needed NINE!

The one card that stands out to me is the last one, what is that scene even supposed to be? The others (With  a background) are awful, but I have some sort of context for what they're supposed to be about. The last one... Lisa's talking to Homer about her experiences? It's just odd to have that type of promo card

So believe it or not, I DO have something I was leading into, this all reminds me of why the Classic Simpsons are well... classics. Why there were "The shit" and not "Just shit". The episode that immediately comes to mind is Stark Raving Dad, the season 3 premiere episode. Why do you say that? Michael Jackson, who was THE man in the 80's did a guest role on The Simpsons in 1991. He was still on top of the world, this was all before the sexual abuse allegations, anyone who was anyone had listened to at least one of his songs and probably owned one of his albums. So when I bring up Stark Raving Dad was the first thing that came to your mind 
  • "Oh yeah, I really liked that episode, Homer is deemed insane and bunks with Michael Jackson. I especially loved that "Lisa it's your birthday" song and it was just a joy to watch" 
Most likely all of you reading said the latter, and for good reason, the episode still centered around the family, MJ was huge, but so was The Simpsons. The show knew what it was and how it treated it's guest stars, heck, they made fun of MJ in that episode and how focused people were back then about MJ. This episode just seems to reek of the opposite based on everything FOX has given us. There is the smallest sliver of hope for this episode to be okay, but I really doubt it, and I think from a critical standpoint, this could be the worst of the season.


  1. The laughing at the INCOGNITO joke seemed really forced to me, either faked for the promo, or the writers are just retarded.

  2. This looks like a pithy half-hour excuse to "fan service" (I could use a ruder term, trust me) Lady Gaga. Making fun? Look at some early episodes for real self-deprecation in celebrities. This episode looks like a pile of crap; I will not be watching (besides, I have to catch up on Lost).