Monday, October 24, 2011

Simpsons and Disney: Referencing

Since there isn't a new episode again and I'm beginning to see signs of reviewer withdraw. But not to worry, The Simpsons will air it's Treehouse of Horror next Sunday and I advise you all to avoid it. Anyways, onto the point of this post, in honor of Moviefan12's 1 year anniversary I thought I'd take a look at how The Simpsons would satirize Disney. Now of course, I'm not going to list EVERY parody/satire, I'll just list some of my favorite ones.

Steamboat Itchy
I think this is the most famous example, in Itchy and Scratchy The Movie, the staff decided to put in this little jab at Disney by parodying Steamboat Willie and while there are quite a few differences, you have to appreciate the attention to detail in trying to make this as close to the original as possible.

Itchy and Scratchy Land
Of course, a reference to Disneyland, but they also throw in a reference to Euro-Disneyland as well. The entire episode was full of little shots against Disney, ranging from the park, to the parade, to referencing Walt's antisemitic behavior. I find it amusing how Itchy and Scratchy; a parody of Tom and Jerry are more often thrown in for the writer's Disney parodies.

Okay, I'm throwing this in because it rather funny in the way they presented this.

Duff Garden's "Small World"
Okay, you could argue that Duff Gardens itself has elements of Disneyland as well (Or any major amusement park) but their 'Small World" ride always cracks me up. It also teaches the very important lesson of don't drink the ride water, ever. It will mess you up.

Roger Myers
Again, this is one that needs little explanation. Just your basic Disney executive stand-in

The Day the Violence Died
Another episode just full of taking shots at Disney, from parodying Walt's first cartoon of Oswald That Lucky Rabbit to referencing Walt Disney being frozen. Again, Itchy and Scratchy seems to be the fallback for the show when referencing Disney.

Now I know there are many more I could have listed, but I'm satisfied with what I put together here. Anyways, happy 1 year anniversary Moviefan12 and here's hoping your next year goes by as well as your first.

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