Friday, June 10, 2011

Top 5 Summer Episodes

Well it's summertime and I've got nothing better to do, so I thought about making a list of what I feel to be the top 5 episodes with Summer as a main theme. The two main points for this list are how good it is and how much it has to do with summer. Now keep in mind, these are MY choices so I'd understand if you don't agree. Also, I apologize for being so brief on why each episode is where it is. (Note: due to technical difficulties, I will be adding pictures later instead of now)

Honorable Mentions:
Brush With Greatness

  • This has the great "Can you take us to Mount Splashmore" bit that I'm sure all fans remember. unfortunately, that scene is just a blip in terms of the entire episode and unfortunately misses the cut.

Selma's Choice

  • While this is a great episode (Not a good one, but a great one) this one misses the cut because it's not exactly clear on whether or not it take place in the Summer. Granted it seems like it, but a Spring trip to a them park is not uncommon, so I could
I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can, The Monkey Suit, and Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade
  • While I don't HATE these episodes, there not ones I'd think to watch when I'm bored. Also this is the main reason why I didn't do 10, I would have had to included these as there really aren't that many Summer themed episodes.

5. Lisa's Sax

  • This is a great episode in my opinion and one of the reasons why to me this show was still good in season 9 (Outside of a couple of episodes it would have been great). While the origin for Lisa getting her sax is funny and heartwarming, this episode makes it based on the plot within the plot of Homer wanting an AC unit for the heatwave (Twice). It's a great episode and has a Summer them in it.
Wishing I had an AC unit like that now

    4. Itchy and Scratchy Land 

    • I debated this one because while Marge says this is the family vacation, we see them all wearing long-sleeves at any given point at the park. I'm not sure about you, but I've never worn long-sleeves during the summer. But after consideration, it is clear that it does have a Summer feel to it and I can just say it was a rather cold Summer for them. This is easily a top 5 episode for me from season 6 and easily on anyone's top 50, if not give this episode another look.
    Best, ride EVER!

    3. Kamp Krusty

    • You can put the top 3 in any order and it'd still be a good list, but for me Kamp Krusty was the first one out of the running for #1. Don't get me wrong I LOVE this episode, it's one of the strongest episodes of the strongest season ever, but for me I don't initially make the connection to summer (Despite this being about Summer camp, I don't know don't ask how my brain works). It's still one of the greatest episodes of all time and one of the best for Summertime.
    Where do I sign up?

    2. Summer of 4 ft 2

    • While I'd say that Kamp Krusty is better than this episode all around, this narrowly edges Krusty out because it's easily associated with Summer. I also really like this episode because of the way they deal with Lisa being a loaner during the Summer, it is very easy to pity her for how she's always the outsider and even when she tries to be different to fit in, something always comes around to prevent happiness. Honestly I'm surprised she hasn't gone Goth yet... and I just gave the writers an idea for a season 23 episode. Dammit! Anyways, it's a very strong episode with strong ties to Summer.
    The dreaded seagull, her one weakness

    1. Bart of Darkness

    • Whenever I think of Summer and The Simpsons, this one immediately pops into my head. And I'm not alone, when I asked my followers for suggestions, this one was the first one that'd appear as a response, it's an amazing episode. Not only is it a really funny episode, I love the parody of Rear Window and how Bart spies on Flanders when he's confined to bed (And I get a chuckle that Lisa plays the role of Lisa from the film. Learn something new everyday). What else can I say outside of this is a great episode and my favorite Summer episode of all time.
    I had something similar to this happen once, no longer allowed at the "Y" anymore

    So that's the list, be sure to leave any thoughts and opinions about it. Ranging from your own list to listing omissions I may have made. Coming next week, I'll be taking a more in-depth look at last years episodes as to why they're bad for more reasons than just "They're not Classic Simpsons"


    1. Alright, I'm gonna argue with you on this one (Don't take offense). Summer of 4 ft. 2 should have been number one, it's just too classic- Simpson-Heartwarming style with jokes that proves why the newer episodes stink. There I said it, I'm done, I'm not changing my mind.

    2. I don't take offense to that (I said leave opinions). In fact I was torn between which would be #1, I love the top 3, but it was hard to put them in a certain order.

      For me, Summer of 4 ft 2 was one of the best Lisa episodes and allowed some great development for her. It is always an episode I try to watch whenever I have free time.

    3. Doesn't she go goth for a brief moment when she tries to adopt a new identity for I don't know why.

    4. I think you're thinking of that episode where Maggie is a genius and Lisa tries to create a new identity.

    5. That may be it. It's been a while since I've seen it, because Fox only plays episodes from the last three years and I've never considered looking for it elsewhere.