Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Season 20 Review

In all my years of watching The Simpsons I have never seen anything so poorly written and woefully executed, with jokes that are so painful that I want a lobotomy. Seriously, some say season 11 is the worst; I say it's where the series jumped the shark and this is where the series was eaten by that same shark. With the low quality season 19 was emitting I thought "This show has nowhere to go but up". I was wrong, very wrong. I just hoped that the writers never make a season this shitty ever again (Season 22 dashed those hopes).

The season of course carries the momentum of "All about Lisa" and starts off with a rather mediocre episode that seems to try to say to the viewing audience: "Hey we can be as mature as Family Guy or South Park", but the effort doesn't seem to be there. 

The next two are polar opposites as one continues to try to appeal to the audience with the entire plot being about cell phones which to me just feels very out of place and too forced.I mean there's nothing wrong with trying to keep up with technology, but when The Simpsons try to incorporate modern technology into their episodes it just feels wrong and unnatural. The third episode had a MUCH better form in print form and was just a waste.

After The Treehouse of Horror to rope us back in, we go through 4 rather mediocre and unimpressive episodes that aren't funny nor interesting to the audience. But they are all better than "Lisa the Drama Queen". I still refuse to review that because the last time I saw it, I vomited and had nightmares because it was such a disgrace to the show that Brian Kelly should have been fired on the spot for writing such a flaming pile of shit.

Unfortunately that is the last episode of the series that is shown in SD (Great way to end an era wouldn't you say? ... ugh) as Take my Life Please is the first episode to go to the HD format and change the way we watch these episodes. And by way we watch them I mean the writing is patronizing to the audience and is just uninteresting from this point out. Nice way to usher in a new era.

The next few episodes are like a rollercoaster with it going down then up then way down then back up again. It's not too bad because it's better than consistently sucking.

The highlight is In the Name of the Grandfather, while it is rather boring, I'd still take this over a majority of the episodes this season (Which is really sad), while the lowlight has to be Gone Maggie Gone where it pisses on the source material (No it wasn't a satire, it was a piss-poor attempt at one) and is just batshit stupid.

The next three are the same as Wedding For Disaster is a waste of talent, Eeny Teeny Maya Moe has mixed messages and fails at their point while The Good, the Sad, the Drugly was more or less a re-hash of two previous storylines with little new material.

What this series excels at though is having an awful stretch of episodes that diminishes hope for next season being an improvement and redeeming this season (but it tried to my surprise). They are all shit, all poorly written and just plain stupid.

This was the lone season that really made me not take this show seriously anymore. The topical jokes and references seem forced and I really hate it. In the past, this show rarely needed to force topical reference in order to get viewers; I could watch an episode that's over 10 years old and understand the jokes without having to Google them. Now there were a couple of jokes that I didn't even remember what the event was that they were making fun of. The cell phone jokes though got under my skin the most. This is the family whose car has an EIGHT-TRACK TAPE PLAYER and all of a sudden they need to use their cell phones everywhere they go? I've said this in real life, people are idiots. We used to live in a world without cell phones and we survived perfectly fine, but take it away now and people will panic (Oops, shouldn't put my own view about cell phones in there, forget what you just read).

Next to the jokes, the fact that this season seems to have a musical motif pisses me off. In the 20 episodes of this season (excluding "Lisa the Drama Queen")  there were 41 times where there was a scene involving the characters singing or dancing. I'm not kidding, that is basically musical show numbers there.

I'm still in shock that Maggie got six lines in one episode and another five in the next. Let me say: MAGGIE DOES NOT TALK EVER!! IT'D BE LIKE KENNY TALKING WITHOUT HIS HOODIE FOR THREE STRAIGHT EPISODES! YOU DON'T DO IT! (Still pisses me off)

Really, the plots are either recycled or poorly executed as the new ones just seem uninteresting. In the 20 episodes there were 20 montages. I don't know what to say; it just feels like lazy writing as the occasional montage is good but not one per episode because it defeats the purpose. There is very little good and way too much shit for this to even be considered a season of The Simpsons. I just wish that it'd be gone and I could have the memory of this season erased.

Final Verdict: 1.2/10 It's just a horrible season that no real Simpson fan should ever have to see.

(This is RBY, calling out. If you'll excuse me, I'm now gonna put my nostalgia filter back on and go watch something GOOD)

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