Monday, June 7, 2010


Robert Cranning has recently done his annual season review of The Simpsons and boy do I think it's stupid. Now I know I've disagreed with him before but oh boy is he far off from fact and I just want to say a few things about his review.

"Season 21 continued to move the series in an upward trajectory, perhaps with its anniversary celebration reigniting some passion and creativity"
I guess that bad plots and out-of character moments is creative

"Instead of bringing their raunchy comedy style to the series, these life-long fans of The Simpsons gave us a solid, funny episode that took its cues from Season 8 era Simpsons. They delivered a familiar feeling episode, but not one that felt like a retread. Leave it to a couple of talented fans to remind viewers what the series is capable of."
Yes because a boring episode that has some of the unfunniest dialogue is just like season 8. You know what made season 8 and before good; THE PLOTS in conjuncture with the jokes, not just the jokes.

"The only other highlight from early in the season was a great "Treehouse of Horror" which hit the mark with three solid stories that were both funny and dark."
Yes because a musical is funny and dark... YOU'RE A DUMBASS!! Plus to not include "O Brother where Bart Thou?" is a slap in the face (P.S. "Rednecks and Broomsticks" was a good episode because the plot was involving and it wasn't stupid).

"Bart's girl troubles were good for a lot of laughs in "Stealing First Base," with Sarah Silverman providing the voice of the troublesome girl."
Having a bipolar bitch for a girlfriend provides tons of laughs, as well as parents who overreact at just the smallest thing, oh wait NO THEY DIDN'T THEY WERE STUPID!

""The Squirt and The Whale" told the tale of a beached whale in Springfield. Like the best Simpsons episodes, it delivered loads of laughs, while still effectively tugging at the heartstrings."
By effectively tugging at the heartstrings he means having Lisa hold the "Idiot Ball" the whole episode and allow the whale to die so heartwarming.

8.3(out of 10) Impressive
Yes because it's impressive that people think this series is still good.

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