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Character Analysis: Marge Simpson

Again, I am sorry for the massive delay, the month of August has not been kind to me at all. I still hope to get Bart and Maggie before season 24 starts. However I could probably sum up Maggie's change with one characteristic, so that might not happen.

And now we move onto the typical sitcom housewife who every kid wants and she puts everyone else ahead of her. Wait, what's that? She's now just a Lois clone who often time just exists and is usually used as a sex symbol?

Classic Marge:

Caring Housewife
I think I've said this about a hundred times or so, but when I think of classic Marge, the first thing that comes to mind is a Housewife. Now this one I toned down a bit from what I would have said, I usually think of Classic Marge as a sitcom wife from the 80's (With a bit of 50's morals). A woman who instills morals in her kids, takes care of her husband when he gets home from a long day of work (HA!) tries to bond the family together when possible, I could go on for a while. Really, the main characteristic that separates Marge from the dime-a-dozen sitcom wife is how she and Homer interact onscreen in the bedroom.
See, there can be a bedroom scene that can carry a lot of emotion.

Active community member
Remember when Marge was actively helpful with Bart and Lisa's school projects? Remember how Marge was the one who suggested the idea of the Burlesque House being destroyed? The point I'm trying to make here is that Marge is not just "Homer's wife" but she is an independent character that an episode could be built around (Successfully). It's just nice to know that Marge could be utilized as a human being in her own episodes rather than a sex symbol (Seriously, fuck you Playboy cover).
Outta my way! I have a bulldozer

Yeah this trait is most notable in Marge vs Itchy and Scratchy but it comes with the territory of being a caring mother. Heck this characteristic is even made fun of in Marge vs. the Monorail where even the idea of her proposing something is received with Quimby saying he'll flat out ignore her. While this is a vice of Marge, it can be used effectively as demonstrated in the previous two examples.
Are you even listening to me Quimby?

Modern Marge:

Sex symbol
Two words: Playboy cover. I don't think I even need to say anything more but I still will. The Devil Wears Nada is an excellent example of the staff trying to make the most out of the popularity of the cover. Too bad they completely forgot about their own plot halfway through and dropped it completely without a resolution. I'd almost say that was lazy writing, but hey, I'm not a professional, so what do I know? Either way, back on topic, as I said before, Classic Marge seemed to resemble a 50's housewife in the 90's. But now she resembles Lois Griffin more. To the point where she rapes her own husband just like Lois (Seriously, fuck FG for that and fuck The Simpsons even harder for thinking it was funny enough to rip off)
What's that Marge isn't just eye candy? Well I never...

Okay this one is a bit hard to explain, but I'll try my best here. Often times when Marge is written into an episode that doesn't revolve around her, her main purpose is to just "Be there". For example, in the recent Ned 'N Edna's Blend, what did Marge actually do there by herself? Let's see she went over to congratulate the couple, but Homer was there too, scratch that. She offered Ned advice, but Homer was there to give it so scratch that. Oh wait, she kept the gossipy women away from Edna... that was necessary. Now a lot of the main characters do get a lesser role when the episode isn't about them, but Marge in particular (Outside of Maggie) seems to get the short end of the stick when it's not about her. I probably could give more examples, but these aren't meant as deep ground breaking essays, but rather a short explanation of how I feel about the characters.
Homer: It's nice when I always have to say the marriage-saving lesson, because we don't have anyone else here to say it

Homer Supporter
When was the last time Homer did something "Wacky" or convoluted that Marge intervened as the voice of reason? Just looking through the episodes on Wikipedia (What you actually expect me to remember them?) The most recent thing that Homer did bad that Marge "supported" him on was the TV thing in Beware My Cheating Bart where Homer was in the wrong but in the end Marge had to apologize to him for having the guts to tell him that there are more important things in life than a TV show that ended years ago (Seriously, fuck that episode). But maybe I'm wrong, let's keep looking back on that episode list. Wait she made Homer go to counseling after embarrassing Bart in public... nevermind that SHOULD be a given. Let's see Season 22? Nope. Season 21? Nope. Season 20? Nope. Season 19? Ah fuck it you get the point, whenever Homer wants to do something stupid, Marge will just be on the sidelines and stay out of it because Homer is always right.
Now which one seems most like an enabler?

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