Monday, February 20, 2012

A Response to the Hurt Feelings of the Writers

Last night was the 500th episode (Aka just another example of why this show no longer cares about quality, but rather quantity). And of course I and about millions of ex-fans watched it purely for the number and a reminder that the 100th episode said it best about milestones with the chalkboard gag:

For the episode itself, it was 'meh' I'll go into more detail tomorrow about how unoriginal the story was and how lazy and stupid the ending was (There needs to be effort put in for why status quo is achieved). But by reading the title, that's not why you're here. As the episode ended, the staff decided to be oh so clever and tell the audience how they feel about people like me:
Translation: They Mad
Instead of being able to just put out an episode and wait for critique (Good and bad) they decided to tell everyone to fuck off and understand that this episode didn't suck. Well guess what, we all went outside, it still sucked! Newsflash writers: NOBODY LIKED YOUR ENDING! I have not seen one person actually defend the lazy ending or this middle finger to the audience. I've seen people like the beginning and middle, but a lot of people agreed that the ending was shit.

And now I pose a question to the writers if they aren't already crying into their hundred dollar bills because I don't kiss their asses on a weekly basis and voice an actual opinion: If you cannot handle criticism, why are you in the show business? Outside of professional sports, I can think of NO place worse than show business in terms of criticism, when you go to Hollywood and sign that contract, you give up the right to not accept criticism, you need to have thick skin to live in Hollywood, not everyone will say you're great or every idea you have is excellent, you WILL get negative feedback. Now if you're talented, that negative feedback will be at a minimum and you'll be able to shrug it off, but if you aren't talented, the negative feedback will pile up quickly. In your case, it's the latter. You could have gone three ways with this

  1. Accept the criticism and look for ways to improve, therefore making yourself better at your art.
  2. Block out the criticism and continue to do what you do.
  3. Block out the criticism and tell everyone criticizing you that they're wrong and you're right.
Now most successful people will take 1. Most people who burn out take 2, and Uwe Boll will take 3. Now, say what you will about guys like the Nostalgia Critic being unfunny or rude, at least when he was told that his Bart's Nightmare sucked, he owned up to it, he didn't tell us to go walk outside, he didn't say we didn't get it, he knew it was bad and apologized. Writers, I hope in  the future that, before, you submit a script for air, you go out for some fresh air. Maybe if you do, you'll finally start seeing the crappy jokes and horribly-written endings. Baby steps will lead to something good and hopefully a series finale that won't suck.

I'm Kriken and that's all I have to say


  1. I didn't get to see that sad display, well said.

  2. I never liked that attitude from any creator of fiction: I'm an amateur writer myself, and I won't even think about make fun of the fans.

    It's just becoming a lazy move over and over again, basically they're saying: "if you complain, you're a loser and you need to get a life"

    1. I felt that this was very unprofessional, I doubt anything results from this, but I just found the idea to include this to be jarring.

  3. This was very low. After this I'm really starting to see the bottom.
    A friend told me that I'm overreacting, but I think this panel was really outrageous

    1. Like I've said, this was very unprofessional and uncalled for. Criticism is one of the best rights we have as it helps us improve and understand what's good and what's bad. To flat out tell people you don't want negative criticism is rather low. I personally won't hold this against them in future reviews (i.e. be more negative) but what little respect I had for them is practically gone now.